Friday, February 03, 2017


I thought to share this accordion and its story Years and years ago, I had mentioned to this wonderful woman at church how I was Polish, not having had the chance to grow up with my father because he died when I was 4 months old...and how I thought it would be cool to one day play the accordion...becuase for real? what would a Polish woman do but want to play one? Marion Ballif surprised me by saying she had an accordion and it had been in storage but was being delivered with a truckload of other stuff. She asked if I would take it because her lungs were in bad shape and she was not able to play it. Would I? Would I! 

Of course I would. OF course I did. this was a 3/4 sized accordion and was perfect to begin on. I took lessons from this amazing man, Al Battestelli in Lorain,
but soon outgrew it because...well..because my hands are large. So he helped me find a full size accordion
and I passed this one down to Jocelyn since she said she would learn to play it as well. 
Before I passed the gold one to Jocelyn, I had my godfather come over and I promised his a surprise that would knock his socks off. He came, I walked to the family room playing this very accordion and he tossed a pair of Christmas sock at me. He and Patsy were thrilled since they always traveled with another famous accordion player in Cleveland, Johnny Vandal and his band, helping them drive to the various performance venues.  
This week, a young friend of hers asked for the accordion and it will soon be passed on to a Mennonite family. Accordions are amazing. And after all this transpired on FB, I had a dream that I had resumed taking lessons.'s not a sign. I'm too old and almost too weak to play the one I have. I continue to think I ought to sell it but then Robert says not to. Maybe I need to try to practice on it a couple minutes each day, as I do with the ukulele Dawn gave me as well as the piano practicing I do. Maybe. Thanks Marion. You started something wonderful in my life.

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Lin Floyd said...

music is an important part of your life, keep it-maybe you can interest one of your many grandkids in playing and preserving your family heritage!

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