Friday, January 06, 2017

My Show-Shoveling Man

Remember what I wrote on the 1st about how amazing Robert is?  I think I need to record this for my children and their children...for some future date.

Robert has always shoveled the snow for the whole neighborhood.  Back when we lived at 809, he would always shovel the walks for the whole street and often almost to Forestlawn Elementary School which is the school our children attended.  Sometimes he'd shovel whole driveways for the widows or the elderly.  He always came in dripping with sweat even if the temps were at zero.

Summer it would be mowing the lawns for the elderly, unasked, or in a vacant home...why?  Because it was his neighborhood, he'd always reply.

Today it's subzero with wind chill. We didn't get as much snow as the east side of Cleveland did last night but it's still very cold. Robert appeared in his outdoor clothes and said he was going out to see if there was any snow to be shoveled.  I had been practicing my ukulele and looked out the window and saw that since he had shoveled last night by hand, the driveway was still clear.  I said this.  He didn't care...he just was going to look.

Of course I knew this meant he would be out shoveling the neighborhood.  I continued to clean the kitchen when the doorbell rang and rang and rang. I opened the door and discovered a woman I did not know.

She asked, "Is your husband, Robert?"  When I replied it was, she announced that her name was Joan Garris, that she was German, and that she lives on the corner of Lake Road and Lakewood Beach.  She's almost 87 and has been widowed for 25 years.  And she was so grateful that Robert had shoveled her driveway. He would not take any money which she didn't have but she might go to the bank anyway.  I assured her he expected none.  But she came with a stollen.

Robert is still Amazing!  And always will remain so.


Lin Floyd said...

how sweet...everyone needs a neighbor or two like that and of course a husband like that.

Dawn Barrett said...

You are blessed...and what a great story! How was the baked good?

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