Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy 2017

It's a new year.  And it was great having the year start on the Sabbath.

As per the tradition started by Bishop Gavin Young, on the first Sunday following Christmas we spend Sacrament meeting in a different sort of testimony meeting.  Those in the congregation who desire so come up to the mic and tell us what their favorite hymn is and why (in short manner) and then we get to sing the whole meeting.  At first it's just singing but then at some point in the parade of worshipper and hymns the spirit starts to teach us a different type of lesson through the songs.

Today by the end, I had a hard time singing.  Yes, my voice was a bit worn out after all the singing especially after having had this strange cold/virus for 2 weeks. But it was more than that.  Some of the hymns chosen were my favorites (I mean who has just one favorite).  One visitor, a bishop from FL who's here waiting for his daughter to give birth, chose Called to Serve.  In tear-racked voice, he told how he wasn't able to sing this song for a few years because his oldest son was unable to serve a mission. But when his next son did, the ability returned.  Robert wanted to stand while we sang that one...and I understand the feeling!

When I looked back at Todd, a wonderful man, father of 2 great kids, super husband, and saw him singing I had to grab him afterward, and told him I saw him singing and that when he decided to be baptized, he had better invite me cuz I'll be there no matter what.

Yes, it was that sort of morning.

Today I was also sustained as Ward Bulletin person...all that means is that I put out the weekly program for Sacrament Meeting.  Now I haven't picked up one of those things in decades. What a total waste of energy, paper, trees, print.  And usually most of the announcements in them are read over the pulpit anyway.  No one is asked ahead of time for prayers so it's always By Invitation.  I agreed, of course.  What else do we do?  We just plod along.

I struggled with the paper program concept because I'm not into paper that just gets shuffled around.  We were handed 3 pages of paper in SS and I turned mine back in after class. I just don't need paper.  I think most things ought to be digital anyway.  I've been fussing over this for a couple of weeks.

But then Robert repeated what has become his mantra:  1 Nephi 16:24-26.     And that's always followed by "Why Reinvent the Wheel".  Usually his saying this applies to something else but suddenly it just applied to me.  Why do I care about reimagining the program when people are content to just pick one up and then leave it on a pew or in the book holder?  If that's all they want then that's fine.  The bishop feels it's the pulse of the ward. So I will just agree with him and move on.

I give up.  I'll just keep the tradition going and not fuss any more.

I have abilities that won't get tapped in this area so I shall continue to find other areas to spend my time.

I guess it's the age thing.  As we age, we do tend to become less so younger ones can become more.  It's been that way forever. Why any different now?

So I'm back on steady, unfussing ground.  All is good. Life is wonderful.  Robert is amazing.  My kids and grands are stellar individuals, each in his own way.  I have a lovely home (thanks mom), great devices (thanks Jacob), and I know truth when I hear it.  I'm on the path and that's great.

Happy New Year, al.

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