Monday, January 16, 2017

Christensens come for a visit

What a sweet treat it was to have Jocelyn call and ask if they could come and stay for the long MLK weekend.  She arrived with the kids on Thursday, Jan 12.  Steve had been in CA for work but he came home Friday night and they decided to have him drive here too.  We had fun.  The kids were able to sleep in separate areas since in their small temporary apartment the 4 oldest sleep in the same room BUT they all seemed to want to continue to sleep together in the red room.  Crazy Kids.

Nothing like a wee one who can fit in the kitchen sink......

Robert and Guy worked on Robert's Christmas show how heat is turned into warmth and energy...not to mention hot cocoa and hot dogs!


 This is the most restful child. She's kind and loving and I fear her heart will be broken too many times by too many people.  Miss Autumn

AND a really fun moment was bringing up the old Pampered Chef Ice Shaver so the kids could have some slushy.  I think it was Honor who enjoyed it so much that she exclaimed, "let's get up every morning and come to Granny's."  Yes, they live this close (2 hours) so it actually would be possible but just not practical.

On Saturday Steve treated us to  'Linner' at Bubba'sQ, run by Al 'Bubba' Baker formerly of the  Cleveland Browns.  Steve is now surrounded by Steeler everything and asked to have a picture taken with Bubba.  Bubba always obliges but this time he spent about 30 minutes with us, talking about his business and his love of the Lord.  How he wanted to turn his son around so James could inherit all he had (and yes, Bubba likened it to Abraham).  And to do that he had to just love his son as the Lord would and in time it worked.  The restaurant is closed on Mondays because that's the day they have chosen to worship the Lord and take their day of rest.  It was an amazing exchange with this man.

It was great to have our pew filled with family again.  Lunch was fun and everything got snarfed up!

But Monday came and the family had to return to Cranberry Township.  But they'll be back.

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