Saturday, January 28, 2017

Breakfast Remembrances

This morning I really just didn't want to make breakfast.  I wasn't hungry altho I knew I would be.  Robert suggested breakfast out and I happily agreed even tho I ate basically the same things I would have here. But having Steak N Shake for breakfast made it seem different.

While we were eating, and for some unknown reason, Robert started recounting a couple of events in his life as a child (oh, maybe it was because I told him the story of Sophia and her non-member friend who came out from the east to take care of her for a week and he started to talk about his family friends, the Cadwells).

At some point when Robert was about 12, his mom wanted to go somewhere and just decided to drop him off at the Cadwells' home so they could watch him.  She didn't wait to even see if they were home and she hadn't made plans.  Robert goes up the door.  No Cadwells. He said he stuck around for about 30 minutes and then decided to walk home.

A year later he's in the car with both of his parents.  They were headed to some meeting about buying or selling concrete/cement. Suddenly his mom pulls over to the side of the street, kicks Robert and his dad out of the car and told them she'd be back in an hour and they were to just wait.  So wait they did...sitting on some person's lawn til she returned.  The owner at some point came out and asked if they needed help.  Frank C just said, "No we are waiting for a ride."

I asked  Robert how he felt about these situations.  He said it was just his mom's way of doing things. The first story, well, he just went home. But the second one...well, he said a whole lot of pride was hurt.  Why wasn't his dad allowed to go to the meeting since it was their family business.  Why didn't she drop them off at a park, or a museum or a library or why not at home?  He said he always knew he lived a life that was totally different than most kids his age.

And kids today think they have it bad?


Lin Floyd said...

well our mother in law was a powerful complex!

Dawn Barrett said...

We can dwell on the sadness or see how amazing he overcame that life. What a bigger, wise, more sensitive person he must have become b/c of those experiences.

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