Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This trip we could not drop Niko off at Paws since he went to Paws the last 2 times and somewhere along the line got pneumonia...which mean his system was too compromised and we didn't dare get him reinfected.  Luckily he had been at Paws which is connected to Avon Lake Animal Clinic so when we had to take him to the vet, they covered all the X-rays and visit...I only had to pay for the meds. He is not contagious so he could go with us to Dawn and be with her dog Pepper.

So off we went on Wednesday, driving up to Dawn's.  I had food things and our suitcase, Nix's food, pillows, stuff for the blessing....and we were prepared for a great time.  Only missing Marissa and her family.  Initially it seemed it was just going to be Robert and I with the Barretts. But then Cara said she and her whole family (minus Elder Cody naturally) would be there...even Jacob! and That mean Jocelyn and her family would come which meant that Jordan and his family were not gong to miss this.

We got there on Wednesday,  Christensens late that night.  Kennedy's way late into the wee hours of Thursday, and the New Hatch Batch came at noon on Turkey Day.  What a wild bunch.  Everyone played with everyone.  Games, TV games, running around, eating. Jordan brought some new games including one with whipped cream being tossed into our faces by a mechanical hand.  Adelle is very adept at drawing on henna tattoos so both Ella and I were's only temporary but still fun.  Jacob said, "And as along as THIS Granny approves (and I did), then it's all OK."  Not sure that was a compliment exactly but I decided to take it as such.

Here are the pictures from grateful to Dawn and Ken for hosting again:

 Adelle applying henna to me..................

 You can see the full henna production on Ella's hand.  Sadly it will only last one week

 preparing food

Just sitting around chatting..but you can see how loud it is as Robert is sitting with a finger in his ear. This happened a lot this holiday even tho Robert had ear plugs in both ears.

Santa arrives at the end of the Macy's favorite moment.
When I knew Santa was arriving, I insisted that all the grands stop their setting up and come watch with me.  It made me very teary eyed.  These babies are not all babies any more.

 The boys all help dragging in the tables and the chairs to set up for dinner.  There was a table for 6 in 4 rooms.  Lots of food and lots of joy.

I am not sure Hazel enjoyed all the noise but she was such a good sport.  Everyone wanted to hold her.
 This is the Pie in the Face game that Jordan bought especially for the shot whipped cream in the faces as you turned the handle....or not!

 Here are the cousins playing some sort of TV game.
 Miss Hazel
 The annual favorite...a Christmas craft.

A year ago Dawn and Ken hosted a 5k run and Steve provided a trophy.  This year Steve returned with the trophy and rather than a run, they opted for a plank challenge.  It was done by ages and then a plank off.....Which Sam Kennedy won....this pix is taken from a video so it's rather grainy

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Lin Floyd said...

how neat to have so many of your family together...

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