Saturday, December 03, 2016

Robert finds his missionary handbook

For some years now, Robert has been looking for his missionary hand book.  Suddenly, as he took out a very old set of scriptures he noticed that there was something stuck within the back pages, between the cover and the book itself actually.  He knew immediately that that which was lost had been found.

Carefully he used a butter knife to unstick the parts of the book and cover....

 And voila!  There it was! On the back it even said LIEGE!
 Boy, was he ever excited.

And inside, printed in the handbook itself were the words Robert has quoted to all missionaries who enter our home...BAPTIZE EVERY WEEK.  It was the very first item on the checklist.  He chuckled since in France/Belgium during his time there, if the elders baptized 1 person in the 2 years they served they felt they were successful and yet every day they would read these words...BAPTIZE EVERY WEEK.

On further investigation on the internet, Robert discovered that the city of Nivelles (a city of 15000 back then) which he and his companion tracked out TWICE, now claims their own ward, ward house....where once they used to be the only ones coming to church!  Amazing.

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