Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

I awoke with no voice.  And that was after struggling with the strangest of colds for 3 or 4 days.  My nose would not stop was as if I needed a plumber.  My head ached like you wouldn't believe.  No fever.  No aches.  But boy could I have slept each day and night away.  But having the wonderful Trefethen boys here kept me happy and busy.

but this is the day they left to return home to California.   Since I had no voice, wasn't sure I wasn't contagious (poor Trefethens if I was) and since I could not sing in the choir for Christmas Sunday, I opted to take the kids to the airport and then went to bed.  And bed is where I stayed most of the day.

We managed to get the gifts opened but it was pretty sad.

Lovely ukulele from Dawn.

 Whole crepe set and pan from Cara and fam. Here are pictures from our first tries...very easy.   

The popcorn popper and gourmet popcorn from Marissa and fam.
Yarnbox with the loveliest spools of yarn/thread to crochet a shawl from Jocelyn.

An EA diffuser from Jordan and fam.
 Robert gifted me with an inflatable mattress for when we go camping (never) or maybe just to sprawl out at one of the kids houses, and a pair of lovely mittens
...the last purchase from the Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA (since the Christensens have moved) AND gave me this great chenille robe.

 Decades ago my mom asked me what I wanted for  Christmas and I told her I wanted a chenille robe. She told me I was nuts.  It was an ugly throwback to decades of the past. But I still wanted one.  She looked all over the place but finally found one. Pink. And yes, it was ugly but it was wonderful and warm and I kept it forever. Only throwing it away about 2 years ago.  How I missed it.  I must have made such a comment and Robert started his hunt online (boy are things easier to locate with the internet, right?) and found one. He called Dawn and got her assistance in purchasing it.  I immediately donned it and it kept me warm and snuggly comfortable all the day long with wonderful memories of my mom and loving thoughts of my husband who cared enough to find it for me...using technology that he's not all that comfy with. So what does this mean?  He's learned how and now will buy more things?  oops.

When we were at Jordan's after Hazel was born, Jordan introduced Robert to the BioLite set, which turns small trigs into energy which could also charge a cell phone and provide lights.  That's what I gave Robert for Christmas,

even though he knew I was giving it to him. I also provided him with a love hand created walking stick made of beech wood.  And for him and his Seminary kids, a page-a-day calendar for using words that make you appear smart.

No big dinner.  No big meals.  No treats.  Just recovering...and I hope it happens fast.

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Dawn Barrett said...

Dad done good! Glad you are staying warm too!

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