Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Farewell to Elder Ravsten

There haven't been a lot of missionaries we have grown close to but Elder Ravsten certain has been one of the choicest.  But today is his last day in Lorain, leaving for the mission home and then tomorrow will fly back to Idaho.

So this morning, our  elders (Ravsten and Morris) got permission for the other set of elders to come for breakfast...PLUS 2 elders from Elyria Ward.  We had sausage and biscuits, eggs, bacon,  hash brown potatoes, and juice and milk.  It was a lovely time.

Elder Morris is sitting next to Elder Ravsten with Robert on the other side.
 The elder in the dark sweater is also going home today as well..he's from Elyria Ward.

And at the end Elder Ravsten gave us one last lesson and a blessing on our home.  I hope he stays the line and finds the perfect wife to marry in the temple.

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