Saturday, November 26, 2016

Blessing Hazel Noelle Hatch

After a wonderful Thanksgiving feast at Dawn's, and a Friday at the mall with the crazies, Saturday we all trekked to Grand Rapids (Ada, MI to be exact) to take part in Hazel's blessing.  The bishop was so very nice and came on this holiday weekend.

Jordan gave his new daughter such a lovely blessing!

Look how good the kids are with arms folded.

The bishop looks on Hazel and wondered if he still has time for another child in his life!
Here are the men who participated...Bishop, Steve, Jordan, Robert and Ken.
As customary, I presented Hazel with a silver dollar from 2016 and allowed the silver to pass her palms.  Tradition is that she will always have the money she needs for needs.
And of course, Hazel was blessed in my grandfather's christening gown (1898 made for Richard James Holman by his grandmother)

Everyone wanted to hold this simply beautiful baby.  Here she is with her big sister, Lily.
the happy parents with Hazel


Look at this sweet face with a hint of a smile.

Lovely gown...for sure.

With her Auntie Dawn

With her Pennsylvania Cousin, Val....also born this year.

Dawn and Scarlett and Lily with baby Hazel.  This is a great girlie pictures.

Look at handsome cousin Evan who also got into the holding routine.

Scarlett with Hazel

Papa looks at his newest granddaughter.

Christensen Family Picture

Auntie Jocelyn holds Hazel and the dress she sent.

Hazel changed into a dress from Jocelyn and probably felt more comfortable.  It was a lovely dress...just not the history...yet.

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