Saturday, November 05, 2016

Autumn's Baptism

Another drop off of Niko at Paws Resort and we headed to Lewisburg, PA, to attend Autumn Christensen's baptism.  On Friday, Nov 4,  as we were driving there, Steve learned he had been accepted as an employee (VP of Strategic Investments) for Highmark Insurance in Pittsburgh!  That's only a 2 hour drive from us...hooray. But sad for them since they will have to leave the home they so love!  It's going to be so hard for Jocelyn and that's what I worry most about.  Change is hard, even if it's going to give forth great results.  And oh, how blessed the new area will be for having this family.

 Autumn was helping her mom finish up the refreshments for after the baptism.
 Dawn had made a strap from Autumn's ukulele and we brought it down.  She made one for me, too, and it does make playing the instrument a lot easier.
 Robert always gives our grands on their baptism a compass and tells how he earned one when he was a youngster at church by being reverent and listening to the lesson and being able to answer the questions on a quiz.  He likens it to how the Holy Ghost will lead us to good paths.  I usually give a teddy bear with all the ways we must BEAR our witness, His name, and other's burdens.
 This is Steve's mom, Christy...come alone for the first time since her husband Steve had died in the summer. It was a bit emotional for her and I dread that time for me if Robert goes first.
 Steve is happy to have a job...he seemed more at ease and relaxed.
 The proud parents of the soon to be baptized daughter, Autumn Frost.
 And after the baptism, who was willing to serve by vacuuming the Primary room...none other than Autumn
We left afterwards and headed for home.

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