Sunday, October 30, 2016

Meeting Hazel

(Robert had gone camping with Ken and Evan Barrett at Firelands for Friday night but came home yesterday so we could drive to Dawn's. (having dropped Niko at Paws Resort)  Ken and Evan camped til Sunday so we played with Dawn a bit having left Niko at Paws Resort).

Here's a picture of Connor which he told me NOT to take but he doesn't know I did.  That's Mr. Bones that Dawn made...just like the one I had made decades ago.

Attended Sacrament Meeting with Dawn and then we drove to Ada, MI to meet #20 grandchild, Hazel Noelle.

She's lovely and it was a joy to hold her, even tho it was a short visit.  Hillary's stepmom, Theresa, was there for the week and had made cupcakes for the first time in her life (isn't that incredible)  and had provided a good dinner for us.

She is the tiniest baby and so cute.  I think she looks like Marius but that's probably going to change as she grows.

It's really fun to see Jordan with a baby.

We stayed as long as we could and then headed for home

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