Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Meet Hazel Noelle Hatch

The Newest Grandchild (#20) arrived at 11:35pm, Monday October 24.  Hazel weighed in at 8 lb 8 oz.

We all had the best fun texting throughout the night...such silliness. But oh, the expectation.

First this:

Such a far cry from when I had my babies.  Hillary looked calm as a cucumber.

Then it was announced a baby was had.  We knew it was a girl but we had to wait til the afternoon of the next day to get this:

Dawn was the best auntie (and big sister to Jordan).  She stashed clothes and games and toys in her car and drove over to take care of the older kids and the house while Hillary was in the hospital That also allowed Jordan to have a bit of a nap on Tuesday.

She was also able to go with the kids to see Hazel in the hospital and she sent me some pictures to keep private but now that Jordan has pasted some to Facebook I think I can be safe to post them here on my blog.

With Marius

With Lily

 I love this picture in particular because of Rob's stare into his mom's face.  All that's needed for a family is the sense of security, especially when the mom's been gone and a new sibling enters the scene.

                                                            Nice snuggle with Rob.

Dawn escorted the kids into the hospital but then allowed the kids to go in first and then she went into the room later.  Plus she got to hold Hazel.

Finally today we saw these pictures and knew the newest addition to the family was headed home to her anxious brothers and sister.

We are feel very blessed!  And now Miss Hazel is home. So pretty....

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Lin Floyd said...

how fun and special to have another little grandchild...congrats to all.

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