Monday, October 03, 2016

General Conference Failure

It was General Conference this past weekend.  We watched all the sessions here at home. But the weekend started with Friday date night.

Robert and I went out to dinner and then because I had slit open my thumb earlier in the day that wouldn't stop bleeding for 6 hours, we dropped in at Rite Aid to find some better bandages. As we walked in we noticed a sign telling all that they offered flu shots.  Robert said, "let's get our flu shots here and have a really funny date night."  So we did.

We watched the sessions on Saturday and then just around dinner time, I started to feel very flu-like.  It took a few minutes for me to remember that I had had a flu shot and this was the first time ever of getting the shots that I had a side effect...or effectS. So I went to bed and slept the clock through.

Twelve hours later I fussed about not being well enough to make the tradition conference cake we have had forever.  Since BYU days, in fact.  I asked Robert  if it would be OK if this season we could skip it.  He said "sure".  But then immediately made a comment about how we've never missed having one.

While he took the dog for a walk, I girded my loins and opted to put together Marissa's recipe from her middle school days.  And no matter how badly I felt,  I began to think how wonderful breakfast was going to be.  Altho my kids love our standard conference cake (made with Bisquick) I prefer Marissa's recipe. Actually I prefer when Marissa made it.

So I put the cake pan in the oven and was talking to someone on the phone when I realized I had neglected to set the time.  In hindsight I think I attempted to set the timer and instead of 'setting' the time, I hit the off oven button.  I stood around waiting for the cake to bake but it didn't.  When I looked up finally, I realized there was no temp, no timer.  Darts. So I turned the oven back on and thought it would be fine.

Suddenly...I could smell burnt conference cake. I raced to the stove and this is what I dragged out of the oven:

There would be no conference cake today!  As soon as I snapped this picture, I sprayed water on it so that the smell would stop invading the house.

It was a very sad day!  I guess I'll make it again on Wednesday when there is no Seminary.

Obviously I still need to be more watchful and careful as I learn the ins and outs of our wonderful new oven.

On a side note:  Yesterday, Jill Pavic's mom died and Steve Christensen's dad had a massage stroke which he will not recover from.  And so the deathwatch for Jill ended and began for Steve's family.  I went to Walmart to get a prescription and shop.  Working there at the pharmacy was a friend of Jordan's from high school.  I snapped a pix of Michael Jobe and messaged it to Jordan.  Jordan replied "Don't die.  My mom is looking for #3."  (that lead me to have to explain to Michael how people die in 3s ... yes, I know it's an old wives tale but I still count them).  After posting this entry, Jordan replied "#3. We are good now"  I'm going with Jordan's view.  Phew!  That was a close one.

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Lin Floyd said...

my cousin says that same thing but it's about bad things come in threes. That is silly, and negative thinking...sorry about your cake. Next time-tell Robert to make!

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