Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fancy Tall Cake

Last time I went to a Pampered Chef party I bought their new cake pan set (4). These are smaller in size and with 4 layers they would produce a great appearing cake.  Tomorrow I was going to a PC cooking class about cakes but today i just couldn't wait.

I had picked up a free dessert cookbook BAKE from last month's Domonkas Cookbook Bookclub and there was this amazing cake recipe...Sweet and Salty Chocolate Cake. With Robert's help it took hours!  But it was so worth it.

The missionaries were coming to dinner and they enjoyed it.  So did our friends who received slices because we could not have eaten the remaining cake ourselves and maybe we should not have!  But most definitely will make it again.  Even the ganache was salted.  LOVE the salty flavor.


mom said...

Looks divine! How about making it for a BC birthday? We could celebrate all our bday's in one. I think choc is one flavor we all agree on. I'd contribute to the ingredients cost. Just a thought.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You need to open a bakery! Maybe you could make that for me some day!!!!

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