Friday, September 02, 2016

Trip to Columbus Temple

The day finally came when we traveled to Columbus and met up with Uncle Johnny's nephew and we started Johnny back on his return trip to heaven. I had asked Ray Anderson for a favor ... to NOT do Johnny's work and he agreed as long as he could be there.  But it took til last night before he realized just how much Johnny had been a part of life as my godfather.

Another fun aspect of the day was that Sarah Fulton, Theresa Anderson's sister, was in town as well.  We had such a lovely time together both in the temple, at lunch and shopping.  Chatting all the while.

Next to me are the two Valderrama girls...Sarah and Theresa.

We went to BD Mongolian BBQ in Dublin, OH.  Ray had never been here before and declared it will now be their new stopping/eating place.

Between activities in the temple we went to Meijer, across Sawmill from Meijer, and bought OSU attire for NHB.  They are in in Michigan and cannot find anything OSU up there.  Tomorrow I will need to find one more shirt for Rob up our way.  The racks were pretty bare this time of year, as expected.

I am so grateful for the restored gospel and the power of the temple.  This event today filled me with great joy and peace, more than at any other time lately.  Maybe it was the break between. I don't know...but it was lovely.

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Lin Floyd said...

always a place of peace...the temple.

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