Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nila teaches again

Our teacher in Relief Society today was my friend Nila Eddington who always gives us the most amazing real life experience but then  zings us with eternal implications.  Nila, as a review, was born in Indonesia.  Her parents joined the church when she was young.  Her dad was the first branch president and now he’s the first patriarch.  Summer 2015 Eddingtons took their whole family to Indonesia, first time Nila’s been back in 20 years.  They got permission for the grandpa to give a couple of the kids their patriarchal blessings.  Obviously it was in the Indonesian language and now Nila is working to translate the blessings into English, into a way her children would understand. But here’s the problem.  In her birth language of Indonesia, there is no verb tense. There’s no past, present, nor future.  So how oh how would her children understand.  (I wondered that too). But then here comes the ZINGER.  As she’s prayed and worked on this, the Lord reminded her that we were all children of Heavenly Father in our pre-earth state. That we are His children now in mortality and when we die and return to that realm we will still be children of Heavenly Father. So there is no past, present, future.  It’s one continual round.  Very interesting.    I think I’ll be reading my blessing again with that thought in mind.

But this also reminded me that our 'calendar' is linear whereas to the Jews it's cyclical.  How much nicer it is to think of life as an eternal round.

Nila finished her lesson with a poem she wrote on a day she couldn't take a nap.  She entitled it NAP on Sunday for: Nila's Attempt at Poetry.  Robert and I renamed it HUSH!


“Hush” I said to my little angel as I cradled him to sleep,
He smiled and opened his eyes briefly,
And I saw his fears and challenges in the world ahead.
My heart sank.

“Hush” I said to my little angel as I rocked my baby gently to sleep,
She smiled and opened her eyes a bit longer,
And I saw her faith, courage and perseverance within her soul.
My heart was comforted.

“Hush” I said to my little angel as I laid my baby back to sleep,
He smiled and stretched his arms with eyes opened wide but then fell fast asleep,
And I saw Kings, Queens, Priests and Priestesses 
With their power, dominion and principalities, even heavens without end.

Then I marvel and my heart rejoiced.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

I've been talking with a friend about why it took 8 years for the temple you be completed. We figured out that the groundbreaking and the dedication weekend both took place on the anniversary of the signing of the constitution...and that the temple was completed on the perfect time to align with the year that Constitution day would fall on a weekend, which was not until 2016 . Add your post into the mix...and the Constitution was signed and the temple came to Philadelphia "in the same day" eternally speaking. Now that's cool.

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