Tuesday, September 06, 2016


Earlier this summer I was chatting with Jane Koker next door.  Her husband, Mike,  does almost nothing around the house/yard.  There is a huge dead tree...totally dead and dry tree...in their yard but right next to our fence.  It's been a worry for me and Jordan has commented that it's so dead it would probably fall over into our home.  I mentioned the tree to Jane as she was talking about all that needed to be done. She looked at it as if she'd never seen it before and said another neighbor had commented on it and maybe in a month they'd have money for a tree cutter.

Mike came over to talk to dad about a phone number for the 2 men who stopped by when we were trying to take down our first tree ourselves and who did it for us.  Naturally I have no idea who those angels were so again, naturally, Robert said he would do it.  He got 2 missionaries to come help him.  It was really hot and by the time the elders had arrived Robert had the tree strung with the guide ropes and had started the cut.  The elders jumped right in after shaking hands with Mike, grabbed the ropes and yanked.

Robert had worried the dead thing would snap back on him or fall on him so he dogged the fall as did the elders when the things came down.   Robert sawed up the trunk into logs and the elders tossed them over the fence.  But at least that's done.  One less things to worry about.  Tomorrow Robert says he's going to cut down the 'weed' size tree (his words, not mine) that the cicadas killed this summer.  OH joy.

This is Elder Morris standing next to Robert.  Wish I had gotten a picture of the other elder as well.

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Lin Floyd said...

good service project right in your neighborhood...

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