Saturday, July 16, 2016

Swallows flew the coup

Remember the swallows from a few posts ago?
 Today they decided to depart the nest. We've watched the babies get braver and stand on the edge of the nest and each time we peeked at them, they were getting stronger and braver.

They started out so small and not very pretty.  In face I didn't realize for days that I was looking at mouths, not just coloring. Then I realized how lovely their coloring was almost duplicated the mouths which were so big.

But they finally grew into their mouths and their coloring was amazing.

 But they've left today for to live their own lives, I guess.  Robert cleaned up the front door and porch area but left the next in case someone comes back to lay another trio of babies.  It was so much fun watching them grow and hearing their votes.

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Lin Floyd said...

We had a new nest this year of robins and loved watched them grow then they flew off the weekend we were gone-of course. We also have a hummingbird nest that has hatched two batches of babies but not this year so far. Fun to watch nature up close and personal...

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