Monday, July 04, 2016

July 4th

Great weekend.  Jordan and Hillary and kiddies came down on Saturday and it was a delight to have them here.  We had lots of fun together, good chats, better food, sewed with Lily, got hugs from Marius and Rob (what adorable boys to hug and kiss me!), watched Rob take pictures and videos of EVERYTHING that moved or didn't. But sadly I didn't end up taking any myself so I'll steal a couple from Jordan.  So much fun to watch Rob enjoy the washing machine.  they enjoyed the teepee in the backyard....which is the same teepee that my folks bought at a 5th Ward auction decades ago, which my kids have played in and now my mom's great grands are enjoying it.
Such imagination.

We took a walk down to 809 as well as 805 to see Robert's garden behind Daphne's garage (and pick some strawberries and raspberries).  And what does Jordan do?  This:

If you look closely you can see him climbing the antenna pole behind 809.
and here he is as an edited, up closer shot. Marissa commented on FB (and I wonder how come I didn't know this then):  Oh man! Remember all the times we climbed that??  Jordan made these comments on FB:  Lily was wondering where I was and Just checking the paint job I did on this house 15 years ago, my last chore before moving out.

Jordan was kind enough to suggest we visit my mom's grave and so we made it a bit of fun. We first drove to Spudnuts Store in Berea (the best donuts and we do get them normally)
 and then ate them with milk and I had little jars of bubbles for the kids to blow.  We could talk about mom and bonpapa and reminisce.  A cemetery has lots of places to respectfully run and my guess is that those who have gone on before don't really care if innocents have fun. I know I don't.  Naturally I also stopped by Adebois' graves before we left.

 A little comment about milk....I usually buy whatever milk is on sale.  Friday I was in a hurry and didn't pay attention to the fact that the blue capped jug I picked up, think it was 2%, was Toft's and thus it was skim milk.  Sunday night Jordan made a comment about drinking skim milk with the spud nuts.  SKIM MILK!?  I bought skim milk?!  Disgusting.  7 am Monday found me at Apples and to make restitution for the skim milk I bought WHOLE MILK...So! much! Better!

And no, I am not mixing the disgusting colored water with whole milk. The SKIM was poured down the drain!

I happened to watch a short feature by Leon Bibb from WEWS5 on television on Saturday morning about freedom.  And many people were given a shot at commenting about what they enjoyed about the freedom offered in the USA.  Great answers all...but the last was the freedom to worship as we please. I second that statement whole heartedly.

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