Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Friends and Neighbors

at La Campanga in Westlake...run by the children of a former SL mayor, Fragazzi who lived on Warwick Drive.

 Judy Reich, Elaine Walkten, Kathy Janusek
 Lynette Moore, Sue Chapman,? ? JoAnn McFall
JoAnn, Marianne Bontempo, GraceAnn Kramer, Kathy Burrill, Judy

This was a fun event.  We were taught how to cook some Italian dishes and pasta by actually making the stuff ourselves.  I totally enjoyed making the cavatelli pasta, watching the simple sauce be made by others, and then there was the risotto with peas and asparagus.

Totally different sort of Ricotta cheese.  Be sure to buy this kind if you can find it...otherwise, stop in at LaCampagna and buy from them.
 These are the 2 sisters...Justine and Carmella
 The best type of canned tomatoes

These are wonderful friends and we've been together, some of us, since I moved to SL in 1976.

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