Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dishwasher Died

I've been telling Robert for a week that the dishwasher was doing odd things, including smell badly when it was just finished washing a load of dishes.  Plus, even closed it didn't always turn on.  But on Thursday, July 7, it finally died. Kaput!  I remember when my folks bought it and mother did not like the one Bonpapa bought but it's been going for over 15 years so that's not bad.

On Saturday, the 9th we got up early and headed for Lowes. When no one looked interested in helping us, I said, "Let's go to Best Buy" and talked immediately to  Bruce who was incredible.  Here was a man who owned the appliances.  I told him how Jordan and Hillary had told us about the upper end models that did not have a heating element and he explained how the whole new system works.  We agreed on a Bosch (and why not) and Bruce said it was an incredible machine.  He literally took the thing apart to explain the workings and engineering.

Supposedly it will last 8 year but with only the 2 of us and not working daily it probably will last longer.

Next Robert asked me why I wasn't looking at stoves...since I ALWAYS do look at stoves. That's all it took for Bruce.  He knew everything about stoves and suddenly Robert had decided to buy us a new stove too!  I could not believe my ears but I am never one to say no.  Our stove was still functioning, except for a part or two (like the burner) but it's steadiness in heating was a bit wonky.  Again we relied on Bruce to guide us and we ended up buying a Samsung Gas Range, with 2 interesting ovens which can be one or two, depending on what we need and the insertion of some interesting divider.   Plus there's just one door that either opens all the way for the large oven or part way for the top only.   It's also a smart range, meaning I can control it with an app on my iPhone if I can ever get the app to connect to our server.  I was so excited.  I figure these appliances will probably not need to be replaced before we die.

On Thursday, the 14th, 2 men arrived and installed both appliances. There was a little moment of worry concerning the installation of the dishwasher because when the guys came to lay the flooring they did not take out the dishwasher and lay the floor underneath that and also added a think sub flooring which made it almost impossible to install the new dishwasher. But the one man worked ever so carefully and slowly, pinched fingers included, until me managed to complete the work.

I have made cookies without even having to rotate the shelves
...of course I'd have to start with cookies.  But Robert wanted french toast this morning before leaving to clean up the girls' camping area at the Johnson Farm.  And suddenly I realized I could make them on the grill that came with the stove and sets on the center of the range.  It also has a circle attachment so a wok can rest in it securely.
Now I just need to learn all the gizmos AND get the app to work.

The happiness of the day was dimmed by the slaughter in Nice, France, by some sick man who drove a refrigerated truck through the crowd celebrating Bastille Day killing 84 and injuring many more.  He wasn't connected to an mosque and wasn't claiming ISIS but he was just as deadly.  So sad.

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