Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cara and boys came

Cara brought Kipp, Peter and Sam up to visit for a couple of days.  Christina Belanger called and asked who was visiting and when she heard suggested they come over and swim in her backyard beach that's right next to our wonderful Lake Erie. Christina was very generous and allowed the kids to use her kayak and Stand Up board and tubes...but then I think she talked to hubby Keith and I bet Keith reminded her they didn't have liability insurance.  I don't blame them for worrying.

So here are the pictures.  They all had a great time.  Sam managed to get up the longest on the board.

 Oops...there goes Sam...down!

 See the bird flying in front of Sam?

 Somehow, something cut Sam's leg good.

Naturally Peter enjoyed the not-ripe grapes altho he insisted they were plump and ripe enough.  It's always fun when they come to visit. They are such great kids...always helpful, always appreciative.  When Cara says "do something" it doesn't matter  what they are into...they immediately stop, turn off a game, the Wii, put down the book and they do exactly what she wants.  It's amazing.  They play among themselves and there's no nastiness.

When our delegates came back one afternoon with another delegate in tow, the 3 boys who had been playing Wii just quickly excused themselves and said they'd go to the basement and play.  How courteous.

At 3:00 Cara and I walked back over to Christina and she taught us how to make Korean egg rolls.  Took us close to 3 hours but we came home with eggs rolls to eat with rice and salad, etc.  Plus we the experience of hands-on as well as the recipe.

Wednesday night we enjoyed Sheffield Lake's opening day of Community Days.  Peter attempted to climb the rock wall to the top in hopes of earning $100...he didn't but he made a great effort.

There were many trips to the lake for dipping and swimming and just cooling off...not by me course..I don't do OUTSIDE.

 Here are the 3 boys...looking like seals sunning themselves on the rocks in Lake Erie!

They enjoyed the parade on Thursday and Peter and Kipp actually walked with Robert and me down the street with the library group, passing out freebies to the bystanders.  It was so much fun to have grands walking with me.

They left Friday morning to head to Indianapolis where Sam has a 2-day soccer tournament.  I personally hope the game is cancelled because the area is under a heat advisory.

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Lin Floyd said...

looks like a great day with family!

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