Tuesday, July 05, 2016


A FOR SALE sign went up at 809 mid June and last weekend I realized the sale was pending.  I was so happy that the home would have tenants and was amazed at the kindness given to my home.  I hope that at long last Daphne could have some really good, sane neighbors who will watch our for her as she will watch out for them...as she has watched out for us 8 houses away.

I have copied some of the pictures from the website so we will have a good memory of a great home and how it looks in 2016 today..a home I usually wish we had never sold.  But that's in the past...nothing we can do about it.  It hurt so bad to have those horrible squatters in that place, to have them stink it up with filth, cigarettes and cats...of all things in my home?  CATS?  UGH.  I hated that it was foreclosed on but now can be so grateful that it's been rehabbed and hopefully will have good tenants.  It's listed at $114,900.  It appears to be going to go for just about that same amount.

The home now sports new doors, garage has been painted and the former front door is now on the side of the garage for entry into it and has 2 working garage doors.  Why the one family took off the outside storm door is something we still scratch our heads about. This isn't Utah nor California, nor the deep south. We needed that extra insulation but I guess the young couple was just not wise enough to know this at the time. The wind off the lake can be pretty fierce at times.

Take backyard has been so spruced up.  Part of the fence has since fallen in, the part beyond the gated area that Robert installed to separate the yard from his garden (which has gone to rack and ruin sadly).

No special order...here goes:

 Basement in the bathroom with all new facilities including a brand new shower.
 Our beloved family room now sports a lighted ceiling fan..this is where our kids spent so much time.   I can still remember complaining about the dropped ceiling and horrible paneling and the one night, following dinner, when Robert got up from the table and just started taking it all down...removing the stupid pocket door that lead to the bathroom off the master bedroom...strange that one, altho at least one of my kids were potty trained by sitting on the toilet with the door open watching TV.  Love the colors throughout...this Donna has great taste and love her sense of color. I am so not a beige person. Is beige even a color?
 The front room also sports of lighted ceiling fan and the track lighting gone.  Carpet is wonderful throughout.
 Jordan's room got new laminate flooring since the original wood was too marred.

 The kitchen looks amazing!  New back splash, new dishwasher and stove.  But still our fridge.  Again COLOR!  wow!

 Master bathroom got a brand new shower as well.  Super sink, toilet and vanity...all new. Same with the mirrored cabinet.

 Master bedroom...so lovely fully carpeted.

Jocelyn and Marissa and Dawn all commented how happy they were that the upstairs was again blue...as it should be...as it was for all of my girls.  This also got new laminate flooring. It looks so lovely.

 This is the tankless water heater that Robert had installed...cannot wait til we can have one up here. Cara commented that the aqua color under the stairs were still there and she was glad.

 This is what we used to call The Blue Bathroom...not only did it get a new updo it got a whole new tub!

 The eating area...again with a lighted ceiling van.  The flooring is continued into the kitchen as well as the back entryway.

 I don't think I could ever do justice with how I feel about how lovely my old dear, sacred home looks today.  Now how it felt for me to live there for 40 years and raise 5 amazing children here..not to mention all the international students who stayed with us and all the amazing wee ones who I cared for in my daycare there while their parents worked.

This home has quite a few firm foundations, unshaken by time and occupants who dwelled therein after us.  It still stands as HOME to my kids who always come home and have to walk by it.

Daphne saw the current owner there over the weekend and asked for a tour. Daphne says the house smells BRAND NEW....not a hint of dust, mold, cats, dirt.  She says it's absolutely amazing. I don't think I want a tour....I want to enjoy these pictures and hope for wonderful new owners.

We thank the Lord so often for guiding us to this home of homes, and for my mom who rejoiced when we bought it and yet still provided another home for us when she left mortality.

Thanks to all who entered our home, graced us with your love and friendship and support.  Thanks to my kids for making us a family and making this wonderful house an even more wonderful home.  No home will ever match this one.

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