Tuesday, July 05, 2016

2016 Swallows

For the first time a couple of swallows decided to build their nest over our front door. And we allowed it.  It was fun to see how fast they would build their nest and suddenly, we have 3 babies...at least 3 I could see.  The first sign of them was on Friday.  Just fuzz.  Today I could see 3 faces.  This is so much fun to watch them peer over the side (and yes, soon they will be 'dismissing the refuse of nature' over the side because these birds know how to keep their home clean...which means more 'nature' for us to clean when they leave).

We have signs on the front door telling our guests to knock or ring the bell and then come to the garage which we then open and let them in. We are not disturbing the swallows.

Robert says he watches the parents swallow start to come in for feeding...and they start their chirping about 2 seconds before they land, less than 10 yards away, and then swoop in to feed these hungry birds. I have watched the parents come back repeatedly and marvel not at the hunger of the birds but at the strength of the parents to keep looking for more food for their wee ones.

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