Monday, June 13, 2016


I haven't written about this and am not sure my dates are correct but it's close. This was a stressful time.  On Wednesday June 8 we took Patsy to her rheumatologist and because she said she had a UTI the primary care physician scheduled her for a test which we also did.  Got her meds and settled her in after we did some sorting through of her stuff.

Friday I left to do some visiting teaching and had just arrived at Carol's home when Robert called and said I had to get home fast and then to Patsy's. She had called and said she was really ill so we raced there.  Apparently the primary care doc had just ordered some medicine but it wasn't the correct one. The doctor called and told Patsy to not take one more, it was the wrong meds and would make her violently ill..which it already had done.  We needed to call the EMTs to get her up the 4 steps and to the ER.

This was so scary.  I for sure thought she was going to be dead by the time we got there.   Earlier this morning I had the thought to remove her keys from my purse because, well, I was going VT.  I didn't need the heavy ringset in my purse. But then the urge was to leave them in my purse and it turned out I needed them to get into her apartment.  Blessing come at all times and in the oddest way.

We ended up spending 8 hours in the ER until we were able to get her to a room.  It could have been only 4 hours BUT a psyche patient on the 3rd floor had somehow gotten to the main water valve and had flooded 3 floors of the hospital.  As we sat in the ER the alarms had gone off and everyone was told to leave and follow procedures for emergencies. However, no  one moved in the ER and they just kept saying it was a drill.  Twice hearing the alarms and the instructions was no drill.

The transport man is the one who told us what had happened in the 4 hours...totally clean up, moving patients already in room, drying rooms out, moving them back, and then finally getting Patsy to a room.

She had spike a fever while in the ER even with the Tylenol in her.  She wasn't coherent and was telling all sorts of stories.  By Monday she was better and could come home.  I am not sure how much longer she will be able to stay on her own but unless she needs a different care she will end up living with us.

PS...Patsy has continued to improve and feels so much better.  She's happy in her own own and with her friends. If and when she comes to us, she will be cut off from them and that will be hard on her.  So to this end we are starting to clear out things and help her make the move WHEN she's ready. But til then, she's fine.  I check on her almost daily.  June 30 we went through all her Christmas boxes and either saved things for her, took some for our kids, myself and gave away most to the Vietnam Veterans who pick up things.  Luckily they were coming the next day so that worked out well.

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