Monday, June 13, 2016

Julie and Jim

Robert's sister and brother-in-law came for their near annual visit.  Julie always has a conference in Michigan and after spending some time with son, Ben, and family they usually come south and visit us.  It's always a treat to have her and Jim.

For me it's lovely to hear them compliment my cooking and then better even than complimenting it, they eat my food.  Maybe that's the biggest compliment.  They never come for long but it's more connected than any of our other siblings.  They arrived Sunday for a raclette dinner and Julie was excited because Ryan has a raclette that she's storing.

Monday we took a walk down to the lake which always seems to draw all of our family.  Robert and Jim get along quite well. Not sure what they were talking about here but it looks enjoyable.

 Robert, Julie and Jim McElroy
 Me and Julie on the beach.
 Julie in some ways reminds me of her mom...right here she was cleaning up the beach and dumping stuff in the barrel that the city will pick up...something Marian would have done.  Reminds me of my kids who always cleaned up this beach.

 It was a lovely quiet day and soon they had to leave.
Really, they must learn to fly into Detroit and out of Cleveland.  Seems like such a waste of energy to return to Detroit and then on to Seattle...way too much driving for the likes of me.  And Detroit? Well...I'd prefer they drive out of Cleveland.  Will try and remember that next year.

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Lin Floyd said...

Julie is very much like her mother Marion. Haven't seen her for years. We have matching hair color-I let mine grow out-got tired of dying it and having straw hair, now I'm a platinum! Would love to see you and Robert sometime.

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