Friday, May 27, 2016

Quayd Corbridge

Quayd received his mission call and we are so excited for him as well as for his mom, Sophia!  Here's a post from her blog:

We were both thrilled to have one big need arrive in the mail form my dear friend, Susan, in Ohio. She sent Quayd this wonderful satchel because missionaries no longer use back packs. He loves!  I love it!  We both appreciate it!  Susan had bought the same one for her own grandson who is serving and she knows that it's proven to be a great one!

Then yesterday I was looking at the pictures Sophia had taken of Quayd for his graduation as well as his mission announcement and saw this picture right off. Do you see what I see?

I texted Sophia and asked who that was in the reflection behind Quayd.  She said she didn't see anything and what was I talking about.  When she called she was driving and Doug was working at bringing up the picture.  I related the picture I saw...of a woman, wearing what reminded me of an American Indian outfit...white blouse with a sort of black placket down the front of it. Then a sort of reddish skirt.  She replied, "Oh my word!  That sounds like my Grandmother."  With that statement I got goosebumps on my legs and arms and my neck prickled mightily.  When she was finally able to pull over (remember, I have just been rear ended this week and told her to pull over...not to look and drive at the same time) she gasped...and again said this did look like her grandmother.

She said that in this tunnel where she was posing her son, she was very particular about where he stood so that whatever was on the walls would not be in the photo. But she never saw that image and felt she needed to go back and check it out.

I think it is her grandmother and the grandmother will be Quayd's guardian angel.  Do I believe in such a thing..oh you bet I do. I think that we are so close to the next life (or as the Twilight Zone would say, the other dimension) but we seldom realize it, nor think about it. But it's true. And those who love us and love those we love are often just that close to us.

President Brigham Young taught that when individuals die they ‘all pass through the veil from this state and go into the world of spirits; and there they dwell waiting for their final destiny’ (Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 376). This world of spirits, as taught by President Young, is very close: 

“‘It is not beyond the sun, but is on this earth that was organized for the people that have lived and that do and will live upon it. . . . 

“‘Where is the spirit world? It is right here. Do the good and evil spirits go together? Yes, they do. Do they both inhabit one kingdom? Yes, they do. Do they go to the sun? No. Do they go beyond the boundaries of the organized earth? No, they do not.’ (Discourses of Brigham Young, p. 376; 

Sophia and I both love the fact that it appears like her arm is right by his head/shoulders as if to guide him along the path he's chosen...a very good path.

I don't know Quayd but I love him. I love how he loves his parents and honors his Lord by agreeing to tithe on his life so far in service to Him.  I hear he has a wonderful laugh, is silly, and just plain good.  Can a mom/dad ask for anything more.

And was Sophia who picked up Jordan at the SLC airport and got him installed in the MTC. She was such a blessing for me at a time she thought she'd never have a son on a mission...and look at things now!  Perfect!  Best part for me, I get another missionary to write to each week.  That brings my total to 4 missionaries.  Life is good.


Lin Floyd said...

thanks for sharing just a sweet story about guardian angels-I agree!

Sophia Corbridge said...

Susan, thank you for the sweet comments here on the blog. We are so thrilled for Quayd and his enthusiasm. We KNOW that he will be protected by guardian angels, as well as prayed for by friends like you. Love you BIG!


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