Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016

It was a very pretty day today...perfect to remember those who served and protected us.  We attended the Memorial Service at a little Memorial Garden just around the corner from our home.  We turned around and noticed that our neighbor Keith, all military, had arrived also.  Niko enjoyed the walk and the people but NOT the gun salute.  I had told Robert this wasn't a good idea to bring him but Robert thought he'd be fine.  It was a quiet dog the rest of the day...I think he was deaf for a few hours (well, not really but...)

The Boy Scouts were present and the men from the VFW and Amvets put up a new flag and lowered it to half staff.  Mark Cizl played the horn for Taps.  This type of event always makes me a bit sad and then I miss my father more, and since I never got to really know him it's worse.

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Lin Floyd said...

amazing that memorial day has come and gone already. I used to go to all the local cemeteries and decorate the graves and bring along any family interested but nowadays that tradition has gone away...unfortunately.

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