Friday, May 27, 2016

Mary Poppins

Isn't so practically perfect right at this moment...and I'm sad...and still a bit achy.

Monday, 23 May,  I was driving down Lake Road, through Avon Lake in the afternoon when I spied ahead of me these 3 darling  fuzzy ducklings all marching behind their mom in a straight line, right across the street.  I knew I had to stop or I'd be killing them all.  I checked the rear view mirror and saw no one behind me for quite some distance and figured I was safe.  I put on my flashers and sat enjoying the view when WHAM!  I was propelled forward, the car seat throwing me forward and then backwards.

Rear Ended!  Drats.  I was able to pull the car to the side of the road, attempted to bring the seat back upright but it wouldn't budge.  I gathered my wits, called the police and talked to them, tried to reach Robert and finally looked back. The car that hit me had all the airbags inflated but I saw a woman get out of the car and she was fine.  I walked back to her and as I passed Poppins I realized my car's damage was minimal compared to hers.  Very minimal.

She was the kindest and nicest woman, Natalya Renaudin...came from the Ukraine 10 years ago.  She had no idea what happened, said she didn't see me and was upset and in wonderment of how this happened.  The worse part of her story is that she was afraid to call her husband. She was driving a brand new Toyota Camry and said he would kill her.  I assured her he would be happy to know she was not hurt.  She replied, "You do not know him."  She couldn't even call him. There was a construction crew at a home there where we stopped and this man came over to check on us.  She asked him to call her husband which he did.

She was so worried about the husband that I took a minute to tell the officer of her concern and to be ready when he got there. The construction guy said the man was horrible when he called, with such a foul mouth. Another officer arrived and when the man came charging to the car, swearing and being nasty to his wife, he said something which really bothered the officers, who told him in unison to step back.

We exchanged all the necessary info, made a police report and that bully of a husband didn't even talk to either of us, nor Robert, nor the officers after the initial contact with them.  I was able to drive Mary Poppins home but obviously her car was probably totaled.  I had a minute to be with her and the one officer and I told her that if he tried to hurt her she needed to call the police IMMEDIATELY. She's from SL and actually lives on Harris across from the PD.  I gave her the police number and the officer agreed with me and encouraged her to call the SLPD if he got violent.  Natalia said she would try some psychology on him.  I told her that a fist is a lot stronger than psychology and she needed to be wise and safe.  She said if she could get a job she'd be as free as a bird.  So I think she would love to leave this creep.  I sure hope she does and she will.

Avon Lake PD had the report ready within minutes and Robert picked it up.  I got the info about her insurance carrier and have contacted them already.  All things are in motion and Poppins will be fixed quickly.  PLUS...we get a rental car...all at no charge to us.  That's the best thing for being NOT AT FAULT.  Our insurance company sent out their claims adjuster came out yesterday.  I know Poppins will be repaired but I am sad for her.  Again, I attach too many human emotions, not to mention names, to inanimate objects.  It makes things so much worse.

But it's Mary Poppins!

Me?  It's just the usual whiplash story.  I doubt I need to see a doctor.  I've treated it and am now rotating it every hour.  Ibuprofen works pretty well.  And it's getting better.

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