Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Birthday wonderful. Robert

Today is Robert's 67th birthday.  For years and years and years he has always said he wanted a 50style beaded cowboy belt.  For periodically for those same years I would check out stores for such an item.  Suddenly a few months back, I smacked my forehead and said..."Internet"  People can get things of all kinds by looking on the internet.  Me, who is always looking for something never thought about looking for the belt.  And within a few minutes I found one, ordered it.  It arrived and I loved it, hid it and couldn't wait for today.

As Robert was dressing for Seminary, I stopped him at the old belt and said...NOW!  Open your tray present.  He did and it fit and he loved it.

Here is how we always start each morning...and for Robert, it's several times each day for personal study as well as Seminary.
 And he insisted on completing out morning studies before he opened his other gifts...after breakfast...not waiting for dinner which we always made our kids wait for.
 Jocelyn and family sent this adorable tree 'face'. . .all the way from England, no less.
 Dawn and family sent his this great plexiglass bird feeder which means we can attach it to the window and be able to see the birds up close.
 And Cara and her family sent Robert a super gnome/fairy set up for the garden which includes a campfire...perfect for the weekend of the Aaronic Priesthood commemoration.

We currently have a senior missionary couple serving in our ward and Robert really likes Br. Owens and so Robert decided that for his birthday he wanted to take this couple out for dinner.  That frees me up from cooking and baking some dessert.  It feels strange but it is his birthday.  When he was a young boy about 16, his next oldest sister, Barbara then 21, surprised the whole family by giving them gifts on her birthday because she felt so grateful for their love.  This moment has stuck with him and I think it's why so often he wants to do things for others on his birthday.

But all his life with me he has always served everyone.  He would cut the lawns for more neighbors than I can count because they were old, ill, or vacant.  Abandoned houses that were in our area needed to be tended him..because he would say, "This is my neighborhood."  Sidewalks were shoveled or snow plowed after storms.  When our kids were young and mom lived up the street, Robert would shovel all the up to their house, get Bonpapa's snow blower (cuz of course we never owned one ourselves) and take care of their driveway and sidewalk, then snow blow down the whole of Warwick one way and then back up the other side, returning the snow blower and gas.  Back then we had neighborhood schools so at least one street was clear for the walkers. I'd like to say this was the only street he did but that would not be true.  I always worried he would have a heart attack in the heart or while shoveling so much.  But no amount of complaining would change his mind...until last year when I think even he realized the time to slow up had arrived.

I am grateful he is mine.  And I hope he lives many more years with and for me.  But as he always is quoting from Hombre...."We all gotta die, it's just a matter of when."

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Lin Floyd said...

You were blessed to find each other and have such a terrific family...and loving years together and more in the future. Happy Birthday!

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