Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Sunday Lois Hudsucker came to church and we walked through the parking lot together.  She asked me what kind of bird I had in the front window.  I told her a Peach-face Lovebird.  Then I looked at her and asked, "would you want him?"  And she said yes.  I asked if she was serious and she was.  She used to always have birds until she had a bazillion foster kids.  Now she just has her adopted daughter's 2 daughters.  Her granddaughter died, then one of her dogs died 2 weeks later, and finally her husband died 2 weeks after that.  I think she is interested in a squawky bird, which Absinthe is not...but he's lively...altho he's old.

Aunt Carol had called me about 14 years ago.  A friend of hers had called to see if Carol knew of someone who might want the bird that her daughter had dumped on her...and Carol replied, Of course I do...my crazy niece.

I agreed because by this time my mom had been diagnosed with cancer and knowing she loved birds thought something colorful would be entertaining. Mom was delighted but within a few weeks she was just too ill to handle the bird so the bird came back to live with us.  Marissa is the one who named the bird.

I have to say that I struggled over this decision to give away this bird. It's not that I wanted the bird.  I never did. But I don't dispose of any pets.  .  .EVER.  But I know Lois would take good care.  So this morning I called her to be sure she was serious and she was.  So I cleaned out the cage, bagged up all the supplies and put Absinthe into a small box for the short drive to Lois.  Today was an inservice day for the elementary grades so Rebecca and Elizabeth were at home and were so excited to have a bird.

I think Absinthe is in good hands and will be happy to be in a room with a lot of activity.  I did tell Lois that if something changed and she didn't want the bird anymore she had to return him to me.  She agreed.  So now I am trying to figure out how to stop feeling guilty about this, stop worrying about whether or not Absinthe is mad at me, will hate me for taking him some place else.

Oh well..what's done is now done.  But thanks Absinthe for all these years bringing color to my life, hanging upside down, putting your head in the bell chandelier, and making Marissa, Hillary, Drew, and James all snuffly when they have been here.

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Lin Floyd said...

I've heard pets are like kids...that's probably why I didn't have many...I enjoy less responsibilities in my retirement. I'm sure the bird will be happy and now you have space and time to fill...lol!

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