Saturday, April 30, 2016

May Day

Tomorrow is May 1...imagine that!  It took me back to realize that next Sunday will be the 2nd Sunday in May, hence Mother's  Day.  How fast this year has gone by.

This morning I went to Pettiti's Garden Center and put together 2 'tea' cups. One with an African Violet, and one with a tea rose which actually has already been planted outside and in its place is some violas.  But as party of this Make-It Take-It craft were two fairies.

I could select my own fairies and as soon as I saw this little girl I knew I had to have her...she had the appearance as well as the countenance of my own Autumn.  Robert named the boy  Reuben.  They are lovely, very delicate and sweet.

And then I got a bigger surprise from Pam.  Pam called to say she bought me a present and what a present it was....a fairy boot house.

And it is already in the garden spot but I haven't planted some things to come out the toe and from the top area.  When the weather warms I will return the fairies, Giddis and Henry, to their rightful place in the fairy garden but now they have wonderful home to live in as well as a yard to play in safely.

How I love my fairies...and my friend Pam who knows it.

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