Saturday, April 02, 2016

Carol Ann Holman Etzel

My Aunt Carol turned 80 on March 31 and her son/daughter-in-law and a room packed with friends were on hand today to through her a surprise birthday party.

  Richard had taken her car shopping, supposedly, but then had to do something for Megan and that's how they got her here.
She was surprised.  That's Richard and his son Zak smiling with delight.

 We had driven to Euclid to pick up Patsy, these are the remaining first cousins (we were never a large family) and then drove to LaGrange for the party, then back to Euclid, and then home to Sheffield Lake. It was a day of driving but so worth it.
There was a wonderful picture board set up and these are my favorites altho most were pictures of Al and Carol with all their Corvettes.

 This is Carol as a lovely little child...So pretty!

This is a family gathering picture....Carol is holding my father's hand.  My mom is behind Carol.  Next to my mom is Auntie Florrie (Florida) and her sister, my beloved grandmother, Gladys Holman and then my godmother Patsy.  Behind and between Florrie and my grandmother is Florrie's husband, Gus Piotrowski (became Peters) and to his left is his son and daughter, I think.

When my father died, mom and I moved in with my grandparents and Carol who was just a kid so she is more like my sister than my aunt.  I love her and am glad we are family.  It was a great day.

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