Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#19 Grandchild, Val Oaks Christensen

Val joined his siblings and parents on April 6, 11:24 pm.....9 lb 7 oz, 20" long  Jocelyn had that as her due date and we were sure the child would come on that special day but as it dawned, doubts began to surface.  Then Jocelyn went into labor and Dawn and I just knew come hell or high water, this child was going be born on that day.  And he was.  His sex was a surprise til the birth but we are so glad for Guy that he gets a brother finally.

He is such an amazing big brother to his sisters that he can't help but be the same to wee Val.  The best part is that Val looks just like Guy and to be honest, like his sisters as well.  Cannot miss the fact he's a Christensen.

Robert and I left Sunday after Fast and Testimony meeting and drove to PA to help the family.  Not sure what we are helping to do but we are here.

After we arrived, Jocelyn informed us that this little guy had failed his hearing test and that's a concern. Steve's brother was born deaf and his sister deaf in one ear.  I think we all did a lot of praying that this was an incorrect reading OR that he was just so rushed to get here that he just was too pooped to listen to the test.  A few of my friends were told and they all immediately joined in prayers.

Not that Jocelyn wouldn't have been able to handle this.  She would have made this child even more successful and wonderful than his uncle.  But it's a daunting situation.

Here we are, having just arrived in Lewisburg, meeting our new grandson.

 Not sure what noise he made but it surprised me.

Yesterday I was holding and singing to him and Jocelyn snagged this picture of his smiling.  Nope, not because at my nonsinging voice.  Maybe he's laughing at me.  I sang his some Garth Brooks and played him some Home Free even tho I'm not really a goat-roper.  Jocelyn says if he grows up to become one, it's going to be all my fault.

Just after this picture was taken, Jocelyn went to the doctor for herself and a repeat for Val's hearing test, and Hallelujah, his passed the test with flying colors.  We are all so grateful...and I am grateful for friends who would rally around my family with prayers.

When it was learned that Steve's parents would not be coming out for the blessing, they decided to bless Val this week, while we were here.  But alas, the 1898 christening gown was back at home. I could kick myself because I had several thoughts to just stick the gown in the suitcase so it would be here in case we could not come.  I HATE MAILING THIS TREASURE ANYWHERE, even tho I am thrilled to share it.  I always hold my breath til it comes back into my hands.  I texted Pam Barlow and asked her how much she loved me? And if it was enough, would she be willing to go get the gown and overnight it to us.  

Pam is my good friend who will always do anything for me but she's the most respectful person of boundaries. She was a bit nervous to go upstairs, through my drawer and get the gown.  But she did. She walked in, called me on the phone to say she was at the top of the stairs and then we 'walked' though the hall together, to the red room, into the dresser drawer, found the pillowcase the held the christening gown.  She took it immediately to the postoffice, calling me 3x to ask questions about mailing as she stood with the postman.  She is adorable.   She worried crazily...worse than me if that's possible. She had trouble sleeping fearing there might be 2 pillow cases in that drawer holding things and she had sent the wrong one. I knew there was only one so it was all good.  And it was all good and it arrived the next day. Of course I alerted her so she could stop worrying and get some sleep.

This afternoon the bishop arrived to help assist and record the blessing.  It was very sweet and very special to bless a child in his own home.  Steve gave his son a lovely blessing and then we took lots of pictures afterwards

BUT when I went to get them for this blog post, my camera announced that the memory card was damaged and there were no pictures.  I was so spazzin out .  There were NO pictures on the card, nothing showed up in the camera nor on my computer.  But after 4 tries, suddenly the pictures reappeared. I guess it's been a week of blessings of all sorts.

 Honor is experiencing the typical moment with the advent of a new sibling.  Here she is between her dad and their bishop, Curtis Nicholls and the bishop is reading to her to calm her down before the blessing begins.
 Guy....reading while he waits.
 Scarlett and Autumn

 I love the moment that the babe is dressed in my grandfather's christening gown.  It is a connection that I have with no other ancestor.

 I had not knitted the customary Baby Mary Janes that I knit for every baby (since I was 8 years old) but had brought along the baby yarn and needles. Good I just started knitting and finished the sweet shoes yesterday.  Autumn was the perfect little mom, putting them onto her baby brother.

Robert, Steve with  Val, and Bishop Nicholls.

A family grouping.  We certainly missed Steve and Christy.  We weren't able to reach them by phone but we did Skype with Dawn.

Happy and Good parents

And sadly we finally had to say goodbye....


Dawn Barrett said...

Super write it all

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Awesome post, Mom! We're so blessed to be able to spend time with you during this special time in our family. You are helping us so much. We love you!

Lin Floyd said...

How perfect and fun and a boy too! congrats to all and much happiness!

Cara Kennedy said...

What a beautiful day! I am so glad you got to participate in this very quickly changing season of infancy. Val-- what a babe!

Monica said...

I have always admired and looked up to your daughter. I know you don't know me but I joined the church and knew Jocelyn when I lived in Columbus, Ohio. I love that we still are connected all these yrs later and I love and admire her so much more now. She inspires me so much and reading your blog post, well I know where she gets her wonderful goodness from. Thanks for raising such an amazing person. I hope I can do at least a fraction of a good job as you did so that my children turn out to be as wonderful as your daughter is. With love, Monica

kimlis said...

Thank you so much for sharing pictures of Val's blessing day. He is a beautiful boy who joins a beautiful family. Jocelyn is an amazing mother and you can see the love in her and Steve's eyes for their new boy and their whole family. You are all truly blessed.

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