Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Seminary Purim 2016

Robert decided to treat his Seminary students to a Purim party to end the week before their Spring Break began.  Altho he says he's working harder at this calling than when he was Bishop, he sure loves all the kids and I think they love him, too.  At least they enjoy him. Enough that a tee shirt has been designed with his face on the front with the word IF...his word for the year...and the scripture on the back "I am doing a great work and I cannot come down"  Nehemiah 6:3.  

All the kids, of course, were invited.  Plus the Bishop Falke;p the Stake HC in charge of Seminary Philip Ybarra; and his assistant, Joan Buchkavich; and the Seminary Coordinator Bishop (of Hyrum Ward) Ardema and the parents who drive their kids.  The house was gaily decorated and everyone was instructed to come in costume of some kind and if they didn't, he'd have hats they would have to put on.

The Mischloach Minot (baskets given to celebrants containing Hamantassen, spiced nuts, grape juice and candies) awaited the party goers on the piano.

The challah bread in the center of the table and at the top of the picture you can almost see the Hamantaschen which would represent Haman...his hat or his pockets where he kept his filthy lucre.  The bottom are just Twizzlers in colors to remind all, as with the bread, of the rope that was used to hang Haman and not the Jews as he had planned.

Thanks to Lauren's Fotobooth at the RS Birthday party, I borrowed this wig and we made it into a beard so Robert would be the King...aka Xerxes.

Sam Eddington (Silent Sam) Gideon Tonkinson (Zeke) and Noah Kitchen (Super Cubby)
Bishop Rob Falke, Joan Buchkavich, Bishop Ardema, Bishop Kitchen, Phillip Ybarra

A better picture of the adults

Sam repeated the story from Esther.

King raises his grape juice (drink box) and toasted life (L'Chaim) and to the freedom the Lord granted through the bravery and service of Queen Esther.   Jacintay (   )  and Jacintaya (Petite Frite)

Br. Greg Slattery who brings the girls somehow managed to sleep through the whole thing/
Gideon readies himself to beat up Haman's head which was a piñata. I think several of the boys took a whack.
But in destroying Haman's head it meant a candy hunt all over the the dark.
The Kind attaches the head to a pole.
Noah gets ready to set it ablaze til the pole fell over
And Robert had to hammer it further into the ground.
Thus Gideon got the flame and started the fire.

I truly think Noah was born a pyromaniac...but then what boy isn't/

Dancing as they had seen in a video.

Bishop Falke has some Jews who work for him and they always come in and talk about their various holidays.  This time Rob was ready with the info about Purim as well as having taken home the leftover Hamantaschen to share.  Later in the day he wrote to me this:  "I just spoke with the two Jewish fellows in my office wo confessed your Hamantaschen were just as good as the best ones at temple."  Wow...that was high praise.

I had used Marcy Goldman's recipe and reported this to her. Her response was:  "Tell Robert - he always has my special blessing and you my dear Susan, have my proxy baker's your kitchen.  Those hamantashen (just ate 3) are magical.  I made prune and mango apricot."

Truly the message of Purim was firmly planted in the heads of these amazing students and the fun won't be forgotten. is Robert going to follow up this one?

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