Thursday, March 31, 2016


Robert selected this word IF for his biggest word in the world for Seminary class this year.  It gets repeated often for quite a number of things.  IF you will obey, you will be blessed.  IF you keep the commandments or your covenants, you will gain exaltation.  He says 10x a day this word could come up.

Next to this IF word, the Seminary class word of the year (which might just continue for every year), comes the scripture "I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down."  Nehemiah 6:3.  It was reported to me that at least one of his students used it in reply to his mom's request that he come down for some chore.  Yes, a little humor.  But it works perfectly with Robert's forever mantra...once you put your hand to the plow you never remove it.

So Gideon Tonkinson decided to design a teeshirt for the class and anyone else who wants to order one.  And this is what it looks like. Gideon (nicknamed Zeke by Robert who has the worse time remember his rightful name, and only calls him Zeke) took this picture of Robert with his phone one day in Seminary.

The tee shirts will be shipped soon and I cannot wait to see them.  Naturally I ordered one and some of the Hatchlings ordered one.

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Lin Floyd said...

just catching up on your idea!

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