Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Freezer Meals

Last year Lauren, Teri, and I gathered at Lauren's house to make some freezer meals and it was great. Teri decided that this time we would go with the Pampered Chef plans.  Since Lauren will be moving away for about 18 months, Nila took her place.

Teri did all the food shopping and that was a blessing in many ways. First off, she's young and a Tuff Mudder so she's strong.  Secondly, she's got brains and energy and can figure out how to buy all the stuff we needed.

This time the ordeal was at our home and it was wonderful having Robert here to help us...copy the recipe instructions to be enclosed into each freezer back, cook up things and his speciality is always the clean up. He's amazing.

 Here's part of the kitchen.  This took short time to set up...but that was only the beginning.

Here's a panoramic view.  Teri had copied all the recipes and 'day-of-cooking' needs so we had quite the packet.

Nila had never done this type of prepping before so it was a lot of fun, plus we got to learn more about her life growing up in Indonesia.

A little bit of teasing and laughing and of course Robert had to give her some sayings to increase her understanding of English....for instance,  "Not too much of the sauce" and "one for the road".  As if any of us actually drink alcohol.

I packaged my lot up into smaller sections since there's just Robert and me so we have 42 meals if I've counted correctly. That means the other 2 ladies have 21.  Not bad and for so little cost.
We kept our shoes on so we could have support for the 8 hour ordeal.  And Ordeal is the only word for this. But an Ordeal with fun and laughter throughout the fatigue.  However, at least for me, my feet were in such pain I could barely walk.  I guess the shoes I had bought from Jordan's place just aren't wide enough and even with the orthotics in them, my toes felt like they had bamboo shoots stuck down them, awaiting the match.  But I guess I didn't need the match.....the burn was horrible without.  And my shins!?  Oh my.

About midnight I remembered I had Maleleuca Pain-a-trait in my nightstand and forced myself to lean over and get some lathered on my legs and THEN I was able to sleep.  Incredible.

Our house still smells like what we prepared yesterday and my hands/skin smell like the infused oils and rubs.  Next time we do this, and we WILL be doing it again, I think I will wear gloves.

But I am so grateful for this adventure.

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