Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Domonkas Library Levy

Not only was yesterday the big Freezer Meal Day but it was also the Primary Election Day for Ohio.

Whenever we think back on the presidential election of 2016,  it will be with fear and consternation.  There is NO candidate I want to vote for nor one I could support.  It was not easy.  I wonder what the outcome will be. It is sad that there is no Statesmen left to lead our country.  The debates were debacles and they all should be ashamed, especially one Marco Rubio who used a sexual innuendo
to try and diminish Donald Trump.  That alone wiped him out of my mind.  So very sad.

But there was also a Library Levy for Lorain Public Library System, particularly one for our beloved Domonkas Library. The worrisome thing was that this one would require a slight increase which amounts to $2/month for a $100k home.  Robert and I worked on the Levy Committee and we were in charge of getting 100 people to agree to put signs up in their yards, then put up the signs and then remove them.

But we were supported by the voters and the levy passed. Today we had a celebratory brunch at the library.  Robert and I ran to Dollar General and bought a tiara for our Director, Joanne Eldridge. She was such a champion of the library for 22 years and will be retiring this fall. But she was so filled with Positive Mental Attitude that we should have figured the vote would go in our favor. In fact, all 3 branches that had levies saw the positive result.

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Lin Floyd said...

hurrah for libraries and voters who care!

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