Monday, March 14, 2016

Big Storm

A huge storm front blew in today.  We've had an amazing winter and I doubt we've had snow on the ground for very long..I doubt a total of 7 days if that.

This was our backyard at about 7pm:

So this was more like a late spring or summer rain storm. I went to bed sure that I was hearing the roof leaking but it was just the rain pelting the windows and splashing off the overhang.  That's the interesting thing about sleeping so far upstairs (vs 809 main floor).  You hear the storms quiet differently.

Here are a couple of pictures that Robert took of the result of that storm on our beach/lake (taken a few days later). He said it was 2 feet deep at least, 4 feet across so he couldn't even think about jumping it, and ran at least 30 yards. That is some crevice.

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