Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bathrooms 2 and 3

Today should finally be the last day of the bathrooms renovation.  After Robert had completed his bathroom, the one off the master bedroom, I suggested he take a break and perhaps do the 3rd one after he had his gardening season.  Robert just wanted the whole ordeal over.

Here Robert is working on the floor tiling in the bathroom off the bedroom.  In this he was instructing Nila Eddington on the process.  Nila is an amazing woman.  She redid all the floors in her home with laminate herself!
 Here she its watching the process of cutting the tiles.  She has a couple of bathrooms that she would like to rehab.
 Here's Robert's finished bathroom done in Panoramic.  Hence the bit distortion.  He opted for the same grey color as in the bathroom on the main floor but went with a black shower curtain.  I'm telling you, we are in love with the new technology of toilets (isn't that a funny thing to comment on?)  But very little water is used and yet it swooshes out the elimination in quick time.

Next came what we call my bathroom, off the hall upstairs.  We had removed the shower curtain before taking the picture.  The light fixture we called dingle balls but I really do like them.  However, if we are rehabbing and making things look more like 2016, Robert felt they could be replaced. He is right, of course...but they were my mom's and there's just something about them that connects her to me and I will miss them.  HOWEVER, the good news is that Jordan said he'd like to have them if we do take them perhaps I will still get to see them -- only now in his home.

Robert started to remove the old toilet. The first thing he found behind the tank was this piece of wallpaper that my mom had used on the wall. Black background with flowers in almost foil.  It was lovely and very much her but very much NOT me.  He also discovered that the wax ring was so old that it had collapsed in onto the exit hole which is why not all things would flush with one flush.  Jordan had mentioned how he hated this toilet.  Now we understand the problem.  But both the wall paper and the toilet is gone. 

Be sure to take note of the dingle balls (light fixture)  because I'd like you to see the change.

 Among the things found was this pin used for hot curlers.  Might have been my mom's but equally might have been mine.  I just know what it was and we had a nice chuckle.  I used to hate when I'd misplace those pins and spent each curling session counting the pins to be sure I had them all. I'm a bit of a fanatic when I lose anything, but especially these pins.

 Here's the almost sad moment...the scary thought of not dingle ball lights. Will I like the ones I selected?  Just didn't know.  Here's Robert working on the electricity.  It was a bit tricky at one point to get the fixture squared but he finally got the screws lined up and he says, "There!  A job Jordan would be proud of."

I want a small table with drawer thingy for the corner which is now available. We looked when the Barretts were here but found none.  Dawn found one yesterday (4/8/2016) up in Michigan so when I get it down here I will add a picture of my finished bathroom.  It's lovely.

After all was set up and we were putting away the tools and what nots, Robert is coming up the stairs and I notice he's weeping.  I ask him what's up.  He doesn't answer.  I ask, did you hurt yourself?  Did you break something? Are you tired?  Do you like my bathroom better than yours?

He wonders why I thought he was crying.  Really? Do I not know my man?  Finally he says, I was just thinking of the Savior.

That's the man I've married.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

The suspense is killing me!!

Lin Floyd said...

how sweet your comment about Robert. he's a real handiman who would make his dad proud!

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