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Written March 30, 2016

Thought I'd post these pictures of the sweet sisters, in varying degrees of sugar, who came and participated in the Fotobooth (thanks to Lauren Olson).  I want to keep these pictures so I can remember these ladies in hardcopy, especially when some move away.  That will be a dreadful day, for sure...for some will, indeed, move on to other places.

We were served a lovely brunch that filled us all for a long time!  Great preparations, planning, decorating and baking went into this Saturday morning.

Back in the day, forever ago, Homemaking Meetings were held on Saturday mornings which is a great time to hold a great meeting. But times and society changed and meetings were put in the evenings...which I do NOT like at all.  Too late, too dark, too tired for me.  I can remember driving around picking up Jan Warren, Marilyn Corbley, Cindy Gaspar, and Linda Bruderer--stopping by McDonald's on the way.  We were silly and fun-loving.  Since I was in charge of these meetings, these women would stay to the bitter end, helping me set up and clean up.  It was great.

Times changed in the attire we wore as well.  We used to all wear skirts/dresses. Today most come looking like they've worked in the garden.  Me? I still prefer a dress or skirt to pants any day...and not just for Homemaking Meeting (or RS meetings as it's called now...even Home, Family, Personal Enrichment has gone by the wayside).  I don't care what others wear (at least I try not to) but do not attack me for what I wear.  Not even in jest.  Cuz if you do...and some'll get more than you bargained for.

Just let's get back to being silly and fun-loving.

Here's me with Elaine Guthrie.  I've got horns because of course I do have horns.  Elaine is a musician and her 5 year old son, Caleb, has started coming for piano lessons.  Last week I was offering her younger son, Noah, something and she called me Grandma Susan. It was a very sweet moment.

 Here Elaine and I are with Jan Warren and Cameo Tonkinson.  Jan starts chemo this week for breast cancer and I worry. ... .cuz that's what I do best.  but it was wonderful that her daughters all arrived to be with her.  I love her girls. Cameo hasn't been here that long but she is so amazing and so kind.  Robert has had her son Nate in Seminary last year and Gideon this year and they have bonded so well. However, her husband Rob has taken a job in Va and they will be leaving by school's end.  And that makes me sad.
 Here is Mary Stencil, Karen Mitterholzen and Sharon Ray.  Mary has the kindest voice and sweetest personality and I think all that combined has made her husband a bit more gentle...a bit.  And oh my! Karen!  Her family own a bakery and she took Hank and me there a couple years ago to check out the bakery and to make some rolls.  She is so generous with her knowledge and she always provides the cutest things for our meetings.  Sharon is interesting.  Robert and Jordan used to move her quite frequently.  It's been a joy to watch her sit with her scriptures or manual open, marking and commenting.
 Pirate Lauren Olson and Nissa Thompson.  Lauren has become a friend who I can share my views, as opinionated as they may be.  She's this amazing home decorator as well as a professional photographer.  Lauren brings her kids for piano lessons but sadly her husband has to work in DC for 18 months and the family will be going with him (he is FBI).  I will really miss her.  Nissa is a great baker.  Her husband, Jeremy, and son, Josh, are currently our Home Teachers.  It's going to be fun visits.  Nissan is a fine gardener as well and is so good at sharing her produce or seeds.
 Diana Craddock, Linda Bruderer, Jan Wolf and Mary Hill.  Diana Craddock arrived and seems to have such a gift for loving those people who seem to be in more need than others.  She is also in charge of all the funeral dinners of which we've had quite a few of late.  Linda Bruderer...oh my. What can I say. Linda has lived here since before we arrived in 1976.  She's served in every auxiliary and served so valiantly.  She's a very private person yet Friday during bookclub she shared with the few of us who were there...also long time friends...a very tender moment.  I think we were all glued to our seats but wanting to jump up and wrap our arms around her.   I love her.  But sadly the time is drawing close, very close, where she and Ken will be moving to Idaho to be closer to her kids.  I cannot imagine the ward without her.  Jan is another good friend.  She's so quiet and never knows just how wonderful she is.  She's crafty and tender.  Mary Hill is a newer friend.  She and her husband are very much Emergency Preparedness People.  She can do so much and knows even more.  She's just so fun to be around and I hope we find more time to be together.
 Phyllis Kimmel, Cathy Coleman, Susan Schultz.  Phyllis is also a photographer but not professional but she takes so many pictures and always prints off copies for everyone in each shot.  She took piano lessons from me for a time years ago, having been called as Primary pianist and went out and bought a piano.  Now that's dedication. Cathy has just been assigned as my VT.  She was hearing, then got cancer in the sinuses or nasal area and had chemo which left her deaf so she learned to sign. Then she got better and had cochlea implants.  Last week, she had a stroke and is currently in the hospital intubated with something on the back of her brain.  I worry...of course.   But she's so lively and so happy-go-lucky.  I don't want her time on earth to be over. (update;  sadly Cathy died a week or so after the stroke.  And we all all worse off for her passing)  Susan was married to Ron but he has now left this earth poorer for his passing. But Susan is with us still and she's an amazing artist. She painted a picture that hung in the meetinghouse foyer for decades but this spring it was removed.  She gave me permission to take a picture of it and make myself some note cards which I do periodically and I am so grateful she granted me this permission.  Her piece ought to be hung and admired a lot.  She said she's OK with it being taken down and has hung it in her bedroom but said she felt it wasn't good enough to go on being hung since she wasn't an official artist (to which I asked, you mean you aren't Greg Olson, who she named, who sells his wares on everything from prints to calendars and cards?) l will post it at the end of this blog post.
 Nikki Kitchen and Robin Falke.  Nikki has darling kids but she'd have to because she is amazing.  She's petite and happy, loves Indians baseball and BYU.  She's been a joy to know as well.  Robin is the current bishop's wife.  She seems to me to be similar to Pollyanna, the story is one I love and so often I wish I could be Pollyanna but that wouldn't be me/I'd feel like the fake I would be if I tried. For Robin, it just seems to come naturally. Robin mades great soups and her luncheons are lovely.
Jill Pavic and Cameo Tonkinson.  Jill may be Mary Beth's best friend but I consider her one of mine as well. We always chat on Sunday evenings and then a few times during the week. Here's a woman, tho single, who is going to serve herself to death. Her mom is in a Alzheimer's Unit and she visits 4x/week at least and insists on feeding her mom. Her dad ages and is sad to be without his wife and has had quite a few health problems of late and even tho she has 2 brothers who live locally, she bears the burdens alone.  I love her.

 Tablescapes of sisters.

It's good to know that there are women in my lives.  I miss my daughters and truly miss my mom.  I hate Hate HATE not having her around to share these events with me.  But that's life isn't it...Death?

Oh well...

Anyway...that's the sisters who came to the ward Relief Society Brunch and here's Susan's work of art that is huge. I love how she made the drapery behind the temple picture and the basket of bread and wheat fade into the skies of the woman who is harvesting the wheat and it's all drawn together with the Book of Mormon and the Bible.  The The colors are amazing and the message is pure and simple.  I think our building lost something very special when this piece of art was removed...particularly because it was replaced with a very bland picture of the road leading to the Kirtland Temple.  No color, no message. Just that.  Oh well....

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wow I almost missed your monthly or bi-yearly comment. I'm trying to blog every other day but sometimes that seems like too much. but then I have about 5 or more blogs I do for our poetry group, my hubby's boat, family history and! Looks like your RS is having fun and socializing or bonding!

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