Monday, February 22, 2016

Robert's computer woes

My sweet Robert spent his working days dealing with a computer at the steel mill which ran the programs he dealt with. And if there was a problem, it usually was mill-wide and an IT guy was called in to fix it.

Now he has to depend on me.  But he has the oddest luck with his computer skills. He'll be working along just fine and then suddenly, without notice, and without him doing a thing (or so he claims) everything changes. This picture was this morning. Without notice the direction of the screen changed and he was befuddled.  Odd how this goes with him.  Luckily a few key strokes and I got him back to rights.

I posted this on FB and some of the comments were great:

Janice West Warren I understand Robert! Me too!
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Lauren Clark Olson Lol!! This picture is priceless!
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Jordan Hatch He can turn raw iron ore into steel. Hoodwinked by a mouse
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Judy Holtz Offutt lol I have done that before , Scratching my head !

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