Saturday, February 06, 2016


The morning after I returned from California, I happened to notice that the Kirtland embroidered sampler that Jocelyn had stitched for me which had been in the downstairs bathroom, was in the hallway.  I asked Robert why?  He said he didn't remove it.  He thought I had.  I just figured one of the Seminary kids might have knocked it down. But a few minutes later I went to put it back, opened the bathroom and GASP!  there was no bathroom. As a surprise for me, Robert had begun the demolition on the bathroom, preparatory to the rehab.

He had removed all the wallpaper, toilet, sink, towel rod.  Amazing.  I was so excited.  He had given me $$ for Christmas 2014 for such a job but nothing had ever been started. The money was still in the canning jar in my drawer.  But it had begun. I'm not sure but I think the floor was the hardest or at least the nastiest part of the demolition.

Jordan came down on Saturday February 6 to help Robert learn how to tile the floor. He arrived at 8:15am (which meant he left home at 4am). We had a breakfast and went to Lowe's to select the tile and the buy the various equipment needed for the job.  We also bought the vanity/sink and ordered the toilet.

Robert suited up for the job.

I am not too blessed with a decorating sense but I do know what I don't like so that's the easiest way to start. Walk up and down the aisle of offerings and eliminate what I don't like. And this is what I did like...a grey tile.  It is light enough to brighten up the small bathroom.

 You can tell Jordan has experience with this sort of work.

 Robert enjoyed the grinding tool he bought and we were so lucky to have such great weather in February so that this work could be completed outdoors.

 Every thing that could be completed was  so that Jordan could get home in good time...not time enough to see his sick kiddies but in time for bed at least.  We were so grateful for his tutelage.
Robert didn't want to replace the old wood to finish the work so he selected the matching tile.  These obviously are not in place yet. The tiles had to set firm before Robert could grout which will be on Monday.   

There's a few more things that need to be done, like painting...but it's going to be a lovely powder room for our guests to use when they come to visit...without having to walk upstairs. I am so excited.

But more importantly, we plan on rehabbing the other two bathrooms upstairs.  I just fear that Robert will be too worn out after this one to demolish the other two...even one at a time.

But I am excited.

AS OF TODAY, SATURDAY 27 FEBRUARY, Robert has announced that the bathroom is totally completed.  It's a bit hard to get a full picture of the bathroom but here goes:

And btw, I love the automatically turned on lights!  Such a super surprise.

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Lin Floyd said...

good to have you back blogging, renovation is always fun and improves your home now and forever...great you have men in the family that know how to fix things. Grandpa Frank C was always fixing things for Marion!

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