Friday, February 12, 2016

12 February 2016

Today I received the news that Forrest Squires had died.  Br. Squires was the 2nd Stake president of the Cleveland Stake and a Patriarch when he lived in our stake boundaries.  He had quite a few children, a few I still see time to time.  As Rebecca said, another passing of the old guard. So very true.

And last weekend was our Stake Conference with as visiting authority, the President of BYU who is also an area 70, Elder Worthen.  It was a spectacular Saturday meeting.  The theme of it was something like Three Where Once Was One.  That's not the exact title, I fear...but basically close enough.  The goal of our current Stake President Michael Snyder is to continue to dream of the past Stake President Thomas Rice...and that is reactivating our members and spreading the gospel so that we could make 3 stakes where there is 1.

A moment came on Sunday when Tom Rice came up to me and handed me a brick from our former chapel in Cleveland..the first one in our area..the one I wrote about last year....the one that was torn down to build an expensive high rise apartment building.  Remember?  I had been too distraught when I happened upon the empty lot to stop long enough to get a brick.  Now I had one.

But I also had something else.  Another piece of something very special.  Years and years ago, Bonpapa and Karl Anderson and who knows who else heard that the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Kirtland (now called the Community of Christ) were removing the outer covering of the Kirtland Temple to add a new one.  These men went over and were granted permission to collect the pieces that were being discarded (much the same as this group have since discarded much of the restored gospel).

Now I not only have a piece from the Kirtland Temple, the first temple in this dispensation, but I also have a brick from the the first chapel in this area since that Kirtland era.  These two rest together on the little shelf in my kitchen. My personal take/theme on this is Out of 1, 2...but actually a lot more than 2.

Both make me feel like the pioneer my mom and I were...the first in our family to join the church and to be still a covenanted part of it.

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