Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy 2016

The New Year has begun...Welcome 2016.  Wonder what this will hold for Robert and me as well as our 5 kids and their families.  Only good, I want to say..but at the same time I know that they will, of necessity, have to face opposition and be tested and proved!  So let's get it on.

Robert and I went to bed last night before any ball dropped....guess that's a sign of how old we are getting.  We also opted to not spend the holiday at  Dawn and Ken's.  It's only 3 hours but with the weather as unpredictable as it has been across the US we felt it better to stay home. And Dawn said there was snow up there today.  We have had the best fall and early winter.  Unseasonably warm but delightful. Even though it has started to get cold there still is no snow.

Cadeaux de L'année were exchanged before we got ready for the day.   I bought Robert the Harry shaving system and Robert gave me a cookie size cast iron skillet with a mini Hershey kisses cookie mix.  Then he took me out to Athena's for breakfast.  We stopped at the Avon Lake care facility to visit dear, sweet Frank Blazina who is failing fast and Jill Pavic's dad who is also there for rehab following heart surgery.  Mr. Pavic will be fine but it is so difficult to watch Frank  fail.  He was sitting in his wheelchair by the nurses station and if I hadn't been greeting all the patients who were in the hallways I wouldn't have heard his distinctive voice and recognized him.  So sad.  But we have always been blessed to have had him in our life, as a friend, as a home teacher.

The big moment of the day came late this afternoon as I got our dinner...and not the tradition pork and sauerkraut since Robert doesn't like pork very much altho he would have eaten it without complaining. I had purchased 2 small ribeye steaks and we had a French bifteck aux pommes frites or as Robert on his mission called it, 'bifteck frites' meaning steak and fries (and tonight salad).  Again Robert desired to make mayonnaise as they did while doing their missionary service in the Franco Belge.  He always complains about how long it takes by fork.  This time, however, I suggested he enter the 2nd Machine Age and use the immersion blender...which he did and was he ever surprised.

  It made up so very quickly...nice and thick and just as he remembered it.  Not to mention the first time it was this successful.

As we sat down for dinner, Robert picks up the bamboo spoon and happily admired his work.

 And then he paid tribute to the last 2-1/2 year missionary he met when he first arrived in Belgium.  "Here's to Elder Chinchilla Smith" he said as he dipped a write into the mayo.
The elder was called Chinchilla Smith because he ate raisins all the time.  This man was already in Belgium by the time Robert got there.  He was excellent doctrinally and taught Robert quite a few things.  Robert surmised that the elders that came out for 2-1/2 years never went to the Language Training Mission (now called the MTC).  They just arrived in the land and learned the language on the spot...Wow!

We have a weekend of Twilight Zones to watch which are being shown chronologically from start to finish and then there are the bowl games.  The Ohio State University beat Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl so that's good.

Happy 2016 Blog and my faithful readers.  Let's see what we can record this year.

Cleveland last night

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Lin Floyd said...

we went to bed at 10 pm and heard a few fireworks outside but since we live in a retirement community-it's very quiet here which is fine with us...Daniel and family will be tonight to stay over before heading home tomorrow from their service week in Mexico. Happy New Year!

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