Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas is over and it's been a busy and a crazy month.  Hillary and the kids were here and then not here. Back and then off to visit others.  Mostly they just wanted to be together with Jordan as a family unified.  Luckily for them, they found a house, it closed earlier than expected (altho i have to attribute this to my 'heathen' friend Pam's prayers for this to happen), and they moved right in, having their stuff delivered by the storage company the day after the closure because of a cancellation.  Talk about being blessed!  They were kind enough to come and share Christmas Day with us.

Last year I had thrown away our tree, thinking that I just would skip a tree and settle on other ways to display our ornaments.  But when the RS asked if I would host the RS party I agreed and then went out and bought another tree.  I also bought a wonderful set of Mr. Christmas Bells which were motion activated and they greeted all the ladies who came as well as any visitors who came by.  It was my favorite purchase the year.  Oh yes, those and the Mr. Christmas Mice Marching band.  Years ago I had a Mr. Christmas Santa Marching Band.  I sent out to purchase a set for each family except Marissa who did not want one.  Then along came her boys and they loved my set so I gave it to them.  The past 2 years I've hunted for that set in the basement until I remembered I had given them away.  This year I decided I really wanted another set.  The mice were the cheapest on eBay and they are adorable.  This is a set that I just wish would stay out all year long.

Our kids were very generous as always.  Dawn gave Robert a huge marvelous water feature for the garden.  We got a lovely plant and water planter from NHB, from Great Licks in FL.  Lovely sweaters and pictures.

Earlier, Marissa attempted to give me a clue as to what her gift to me was altho it didn't help. She told me, "It will change you life."  That's a pretty huge result but she was so right.
This is an amazing electronic foot filer.  I am known for how very soft my hand and arms are but my feet are something everyone would rather run from. But no more.  I can file my feet with the easiest of motions and my feet have never been this smooth nor soft.  I probably can walk around the yard again without having to use bleach to clean out the crevices due to the scaling heels!  Thanks Swiss et al.

Sophia totally took me by surprise and sent me not 1 but 2 boxes of See's orange sticks. I have not had these in decades.  It took her quite a few trips to find some still left on the shelves so obviously they are as popular now as they were when I was a student at BYU.

Obviously we had a lovely full Christmas month and it was just as nice to put things back in their boxes til next year as it was to get them out again this year.  Several new friends stopped in to visit and to share the season.

Hyrum Eddington who is serving a mission in the Adriatic North sent out a message encouraging us to be as open in the coming months as we have been in December.  Being open to smiles and easily talking with strangers.  I think it's a good thing to do in order to keep that openness and love apparent.

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Lin Floyd said...

always fun to see a new update from you....how about a photo of the marching mice? never heard of them. We've had a quiet visit with Dan and family making a brief stop Christmas eve on their way as a family to Mexico to do a service project building block homes for members in puerto panasco. This is their 3rd year to go, they'll stop by on their return home this sat. The twins graduate this next may so the kiddos are growing up fast. Happy New Year to all...

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