Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jocelyn's Day

TODAY is Jocelyn's birthday.  Lucky for her, Jocelyn was born on the actual Sweetest Day 1977.

I remember really wanting to have this baby because I had had a UTI and was very miserable.  My actual doctor was not in town and his associate was coming in to deliver the baby.  I had gained the most weight during this pregnancy (and in an attempt at full disclosure I gained the following pounds with each pregnancy...50, 60, 70, 60, 50...BUT  be sure to read the next line ... But by my 6 week checkup, each time I was down to my normal 120 pounds without diet no exercise. I was blessed...and how I wish the same could be said today).

Again, back in that day, we didn't know the sex of the baby until the birth.  After 2 girls, all the nurses were saying this was going to be a boy.  When Jocelyn started her arrival and they saw her shoulders, even the doctor said, "Oh yes, look at these shoulders...this is going to be your son."  A few seconds later...he was wrong and we were still thrilled. There's nothing like a daughter.

Dawn and Cara had still been using the small baby chest of drawers but with  #3 baby coming I knew I needed another one for them so the baby could have the cute drawers that matched the crib. So before Jocelyn was born, I set about selling Tupperware.  My only goal was to sell enough to afford a new set of drawers and I met that goal and had some good fun along the way.

Here's an image of what some vintage TW looked like in 1977.  We probably had most of these items and many more besides.  Once a week I would drive to N. Olmsted for the business meeting which were more like pep rallies.  All the dealers would start the meeting by singing our song. "I've got that Tupper feeling up in my head, deep in my heart, down in my toes, I've got that Tupper feeling all over me, all over me to stay."  That's the last verse combining all the 3 places that each were given their own verse...and yes, there were pompoms and shouting and cheering.  No wonder Jocelyn ended up becoming a cheerleader while in high school.

  Here she is in our backyard/driveway, still in the same English baby buggy that my mom had used for my sister Debi (c. 1954)...the same one Dawn and Cara were pushed in.  Robert was such a great daddy to the girls even though he worked shifts. He always made time to play with them.

We learned early that we needed to keep on eye on Jocelyn, especially after bath time.  She was most fond of running out the front door naked as a jaybird, with one of us running after her, trying to catch her before the neighbors did.  One day the next door neighbor, Dawn Kanary, rang our back doorbell and when I opened it, I was surprised to find her holding Jocelyn's hand, again naked as a jaybird and it wasn't even bath time.  Hence the nickname was presented to her...Jbird...despite the fact I had always insisted none of my kids were have a nickname.

Jocelyn didn't do a lot of talking as a child UNTIL my grandmother, Gladys Evans Holman, came to stay with us for a few months.  She would spend hours with Jocelyn, playing and talking with her and Jocelyn has talked ever since...a lot of talking!

We opted to keep Jocelyn home from kindergarten when she was just shy of 5 years old, having missed the cut off date for enrollment by 15 days. We had her tested and she passed BUT that very spring 3 of my friends had daughters who had chosen to go in early and in the 3rd grade were retained. I didn't want that to be Jocelyn's lot altho in retrospect she would have been fine.  

Instead she went to preschool and then when she got to kindergarten she knew all she ever would need to know and was known to have gotten into trouble for knowing more than the teachers who on occasion needed to come in and give Miss Marsico a break.  Jocelyn would run the class and inevitably I'd get a call.  But to this day, Jocelyn is friends with Miss Barbara Marsico.  

When she was in 3rd grade the teacher did a section on city government.   That teacher warned me that one day Jocelyn would end up ruling the world and in many ways she has.  She managed to convince me that she could not play with both hands on the piano and me, like a dummy (albeit a very tired dummy mom), gave in and quit the lessons.  Within a few years I am watching this cheerleader doing these crazy routines with both hands. So she had to wait till she was married to get a piano and realize the value of playing it.

Jocelyn was very good with our dogs. She learned hair design on Lance but Lady sure did love Jocelyn.

Jocelyn got to Brookside High School and fulfilled her 3rd grade teaches prophecy.  She was president of a lot of the organizations she was a member of.  She graduated and attended Miami University, following her oldest sister Dawn.  She did well her freshman year and was invited to be a part of the Leader/Scholar program so her residence the 2nd year was literally ON campus in a magnificent room with exquisite furnishings.

She went on to do a fellowship for Reuters in DC.  She also covered the Democratic Convention in CA and here she is covering the 2005 Presidential Inauguration in DC.  She loved the news and I think the news loved her.

 Jocelyn met many famous people during her time with the news..including Wolf Blitzer at CNN and John Kennedy Jr (I really need to find that picture of her with him just weeks before he died).

But the best and most famous person she met during those years was the man she would go on
to marry...Steve Christensen.

Together they are raising a lovely family with (at this time) #5 on the way.  Jocelyn blogs and quilts and encourages.  She praises and she cries. She testifies and she teaches.  The world is a happy place with her and her family.  

And our own family is a very happy place since she's joined us.  So for today...Happy Birthday, Jbird.


Lin Floyd said...

how fun and a baby # 5!!1 I had all boys and even with a sonogram on my last baby saying he was a girl! He wasn'! Enjoyed sharing your life story!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Thank you Mom, for this very kind telling of my life story. Love you and Dad for giving me everything that matters...

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