Saturday, September 05, 2015


Cordelia has a new house for the fall/winter. And I think she likes it.  She's much like Honor and Scarlett who love to sing.  If I am very quiet I can hear her gentle whispers of song.

I have enjoyed succulents because they don't take any work but I can talk to them, transplant them with somewhat ease and just enjoy them lining the bay window in the front room.  Years ago Diane Pepin sent me a link for succulents in a bird cage but, alas, no cage.

UNTIL last week when Brandy deLeon was selling one at her yard sale.  Today in almost 90 degrees heat (and you all must know how I hate the out of doors, dirt, and heat) I decided to attempt to put it together.  Jocelyn had sent me a lovely arrangement of succulents for my birthday and they had really grown large and needed more space.  So with those and some from the window I decided to make the arrangement.

I needed some weed resistance 'fabric' and wouldn't you just know it...when the Pepins moved (how dare they) we were given some stuff and bought some other things.  Among those items was this:
 So I spent a bit of time scrubbing the stand and the cage and then let the pieces dry in the sun.

 It was a bit trickier than I had hoped but that's because the top doesn't come I needed to add my lovelies through the mesh or through the small door.    Hopefully the cage and top knot will hold up the heavy cage.  If not, it will rest on a stand I already have in the front room.

Yes, I know I need some color but for now I'm calling this good.
Thanks to Diane and Randy Bott for encouraging me. For Dawn and Adelle who are learning to enjoy
some succulents of their own.  For Jocelyn and family for the lovely
succulent garden in the midst of winter that kept me so happy...and still does.


Dawn Barrett said...

Oh are so handy!! Great job!! Love the new living arrangements for cordelia!

Lin Floyd said...

how cool, I really like the cage idea!

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