Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Seminary Resumes

Luckily for Robert, he has had all summer to prepare for this year's Seminary course of study.  Last year, if you recall, he was called a week after the West side kids had already begun and I think he always felt he was trying to catch up, which wasn't true because he has such a firm grasp of the scripture.

This summer he spent over 5 hours every day working on the lessons.  He got through all 160+ of them once and then started all over, being certain to compile the visual aids, the attention getters, the PowerPoints, and any sort of films he wanted to have handy IF the spirit and need arose.
All 7 kids arrived yesterday for the first day.  Seven of the nicest and brightest.  There are 2 seniors this year...Brendan Pospisil who is finishing up his last year at LCCC as well as playing football for BHS and working.  Jacintay Boldware is ending her high school year as she started, at BHS only now BHS is a brand new school.  Samuel Eddington is a junior at Avon High School and is involved in academics and music as well as being a thespian.  Jacintaya Cuellar is a sophomore at BHS and runs track and sings in the choir. She also is coming here for piano lessons.  New as freshmen at the table is Gideon Tonkinson who has the cutest smile, sense of humor and plays in the marching back at Avon Lake High School.  Noah Kitchen seems sort of solemn but when I subbed taught in SS, I've realized he has a good understanding of the gospel as well as a sense of humor.  Rounding out the group is Joel Pospisil, also at BHS, and a major  cross country and soccer star.  There may be other band members and other activities but currently I am not absolutely certain.

They also all arrived to this sign over the 'seminary room' doorway.  To be clear...these are NOT the colors of the University of Michigan (which I hate and somehow didn't think about the color scheme when Robert selected the vinyl) but IS the colors of Hillary's West Muskingum High School (go Tornados).  Be clear on that fact. I said to Robert, if you mention Michigan in this room, I'll take the vinyl off the wall and be aware that taking it off was way lots easier than putting it up.

Yesterday I served breakfast as they entered but being such a proponent of breakfasts to start the day I will always worry the kids don't get enough to eat before school.  Today the lesson was on the Plan of Salvation.  Robert had the kids start with a game of Plan of Salvation Croquet. Sadly, the only one who knew how to play was Brendan.  Each wicket had the event name of some portion of this wondrous plan.  The idea was for each kid to get the ball through the wickets in order and end up in the Celestial Kingdom, where they received gold wrapped Hershey nuggets.

I was upstairs and attempted to get some pictures but at 6am around here, it's not very light out.  Robert helped them with the concept if they needed some help, a flashlight (standing in for the Holy Ghost) was a good source.  You certainly didn't want to go through the wrong kingdom. It was funny to hear Gideon comment "but I don't want to die".  After the game, I was content to return to my bed and let the class continue.  I know these pix are not excellent.  Too dark, didn't want a flash, didn't want to be observed but I did want a record of the morning.

and so the year of Seminary continues.......................

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Aw this is so cute!! And totally would not have happened if seminary were held at church. I can see how having it in someone's home gives an advantage to coming up with unique lessons, gives teachers time and place to better prepare for such things, and is just more homey, warm, and inviting than a stark cold church building at 5:30am. Very cool! Great lesson, dad, and I love the Missionary Prep 101 signage!

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